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Globe Composite Solutions


The Remarkable USS Jimmy Carter

Exploring the Ocean's Depths

Globe Rubber Works

The Dreadnought Class of Submarines

The “X-Factor” in Columbia-Class Submarine Design

Stealth vs. Deception- the U-Boats and Q-Ships of WW1

The Iranian Submarine Threat

Today's Robots are Going Soft

Is Your Operation Ready for Peak Season?

Marine Composites

A Brief History of Anti-Submarine Warfare

The Composite Age

Composite Replacement Parts- Better, Stronger, Faster

The Silent Service is Listening

The Bold Advance of Additive Manufacturing

The “Silent Service” becomes even quieter

Is China taking the lead in submarine propulsion?

AGV Robots Disrupt the Material Handling World

My News Year's Resolution - Drive Underwater!

Using the Best Gasket Material for the U.S. Navy

Intelligent Marine Robots are Here

Airport Security Health Concerns

Quickly and Safely Clearing Conveyor Jams

Meeting Performance Challenges with Composite Materials

Three Tools to Safely Clear Conveyors Jams

Composite Conveyors Eliminate Metallic Interference

How to Reduce Downtime in Parcel & Distribution Centers

The Safer Alternative: RoHS Compliant Radiation Shielding Material

3 Different Types of Radiation Shielding Materials

5 DOT Traffic Control Benefits of Composite Traffic Delineators

4 Common Conveyor Belt Problems Solved Using Composite Materials

A Superior Alternative to Buna-N for Industrial Applications

An OEM's Opportunity: RoHS Compliant Radiation Shielding Curtains

An Engineer's Guide to Material Selection for Gaskets

Now, A Durable Solution to Clear Package Jams Safely & Without Damage

Composite Materials: What is Brandonite?

An Introduction to Thermoplastics

What are Thermoplastic Polymers?

Microbes, They're Everywhere

Product Showcase: Stationary Diverter Arm for Sorting Systems

Product Showcase: Jam Break Tools for Sorting Systems

Millimeter Wave Scanners: Is Your Airport X-Raying You?

Product Showcase: Globe Impellers & Self-Lubricating Materials

Globe Composite Solutions: 125 Years of Solutions Made in the U.S.A.

Microbes vs. Super-Materials: Battle of the 21st Century

Safer Holiday Lights from Composite Semiconductors

Durable, Reliable, & Modular Sorting System Parts

Walk Underwater With Our Composite Diving Helmet

Epicor Whitepaper: Efficient, Cost-Effective Manufacturing

Dr. Strange Composite: What is a Composite Material?

Composite Design Services

GCS Does Full-Service Design, Prototyping, Tooling, & Manufacturing

Globe Joins the Battle Against Harmful Microbes, & Illness