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Airport Security Health Concerns

By Globe Composite | October 26, 2017

The use of hand-held wands for individual screening, walk-through metal detectors, full-body scanners, and baggage X-ray machines, are familiar to anyone who has flown on an airplane in the past decade. Modern airports use these security devices to keep travelers safe from external threats, but how safe are the methods they use? Do modern airport security methods pose a health concern? The following is an overview of current security screening technologies, how they work, and what sort of health issues they might cause.

Topics: Airports, Radiation Shielding, Composite Applications

The Safer Alternative: RoHS Compliant Radiation Shielding Material

By Globe Composite | December 2, 2016

As we explored in our recent blog, the industry standard for radiation shielding in X-Ray and C/T scanners is lead-based materials. Any individual responsible for producing, using, maintaining, handling or disposing of lead-based materials and products is at risk. With a better understanding of the debilitating (and potentially fatal) effects of lead exposure, many industries have moved towards lead-free or RoHS compliant materials.

Topics: Radiation Shielding

3 Different Types of Radiation Shielding Materials

By Globe Composite | December 2, 2016

For decades, lead has been considered the paradigm in radiation shielding. The material is cheap, easy to process, and provides durable shielding. Yet, there has been an overwhelming increase in health, safety, and environmental concerns over the mining, processing, handling, and disposal of lead. In fact, lead has already banned from use in many applications, such as motor fuels, paint, and water pipes. If this is any indication, the cessation of lead will continue to spread across industries.

Topics: Radiation Shielding

An OEM's Opportunity: RoHS Compliant Radiation Shielding Curtains

By Brian Evans | October 28, 2016

Despite the declining popularity of lead-based products, RoHS compliant products are still not universal in the workplace. According to, “approximately 804,000 workers in general industry and an additional 838,000 workers in construction are potentially exposed to lead.”

Topics: Radiation Shielding

Millimeter Wave Scanners: Is Your Airport X-Raying You?

By Globe Composite | July 23, 2015


Technically, No…

  • How many x-rays have you had in your lifetime?  2?  10?  More?  Are you sure? 
  • Did you count each time you've boarded a plane? 
  • Did you count each time your bag, briefcase, or pocketbook has been x-rayed? 
  • How about each time you've gone to jury duty or any major government building? 

Topics: Airports, Radiation Shielding