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Is Your Operation Ready for Peak Season?

By Globe Composite | October 18, 2018

As cooler autumn weather moves in, for many businesses that means it's time to get ready for peak shipping season. The holidays have always been a busy time for companies, but with eCommerce continuing to set new yearly records, the bar is even higher for fulfillment and distribution centers. The ability to perform at the maximum operational levels in this peak season can make or break a company.

Hopefully by now, companies have reviewed their plans and are well underway to implement changes based upon the operational lessons learned from last year. Even if your business is ready, there is still a little time left to look for a few additional ways to better prepare for the approaching challenge.

Topics: Product Showcase, Material Handling

Three Tools to Safely Clear Conveyors Jams

By Globe Composite | August 9, 2017

Whether your company moves thousands or millions of packages, operational inefficiencies, product damage or downtime can mean the difference between success and failure.

Globe's engineering team noticed that distribution centers were using bent metal makeshift tools to unjam packages on conveyor systems. Sometimes the bent metal ends were welded or fastened and the sharp edges of the tool punctured the package or damaged the product. These makeshift tools aren’t easy to repair, causes product damage and are not safe for package handlers or employees. 

Topics: Airports, Product Showcase, Material Handling, Transportation

Product Showcase: Stationary Diverter Arm for Sorting Systems

By Globe Composite | September 24, 2015


What is a Stationary Diverter Arm?

A stationary diverter arm is used in automatic sorting systems for parcels, packages, boxes, or other items to change the object's direction or orientation on the conveyor belt.  They can be used to redirect packages or parcels at any point on a conveyor easily and without the need for automated assistance or manned supervision.

Topics: Product Showcase, Material Handling

Product Showcase: Jam Break Tools for Sorting Systems

By Globe Composite | August 25, 2015


What is a Jam Break Tool?

Although it looks like a shepherd's hook, you won't see Bo Peep carrying one tending her flock.  A Jam Break Tool is used for dislodging items or parcels that may have become jammed or lodged in sorting systems. Jam Break Tools can be attached to poles of varying lengths to grab packages from just about anywhere and easily free it from the system.

Topics: Product Showcase, Material Handling

Product Showcase: Globe Impellers & Self-Lubricating Materials

By Globe Composite | June 4, 2015


What Does Self-Lubricating Mean?

Self-lubrication by definition means that the lubricating agent must be an integral element of the original material.  The lubricating agent can't be a material added on or attached to the original material.  It can't break down and must be a part of the original material for the part's life's expectancy. One of our most popular self-lubricating products is the our Globe impeller, or the Run-Dry® Impeller

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