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Product Showcase: Jam Break Tools for Sorting Systems

By Globe Composite


What is a Jam Break Tool?

Sorting Systems Jam Break PoleAlthough it looks like a shepherd's hook, you won't see Bo Peep carrying one tending her flock.  A Jam Break Tool is used for dislodging items or parcels that may have become jammed or lodged in sorting systems. Jam Break Tools can be attached to poles of varying lengths to grab packages from just about anywhere and easily free it from the system.


Why Do I Need Jam Break Tools?

If you work in any industry where parcels, packages, letters, boxes are being sorted or conveyed automatically, you need a Jam Break Tool to easily free jams without straining employees’ backs or damaging the package. This tool allows you to free jams without costly downtime.Jam Break Tools

What Other Helpful Products Does Globe Offer?

Globe makes many parts and components for sorting systems using its cost-effective, high-performance Brandonite® family of materials.  Some examples include:

Jam Break Tools  Diverter Arm   tilt-tray sorter

Overhead Roller Tool

Made from advanced elastomeric materials, the Shoot Poker is used to dislodge jams through overhead roller conveyors.

Stationary Diverter Arm

Made with our low-coefficient, self-lubricating Brandonite® material, you can easily position these diverters anywhere on a conveyor to redirect packages or parcels.

Tilt-tray Sorters

Nothing beats the durability of our lightweight, modular tilt-tray sorters that are quiet, maintenance-free and energy-efficient.


sorting systems bump-out wedge sorting systems concentric wheels

Bump-out Wedge

Used to bump or nudge packages or parcels in a certain direction on a conveyor. 

Durable, Long-Lasting Wheels

Lightweight, durable wheels last up to 50% longer than urethane or rubber wheels due to their unique, composite materials.


Where Can I Get Them?

Globe offers a wide variety of Material Handling parts. Globe’s designs and durability mean fewer part replacements, less downtime, and lower maintenance costs. Let us show you why Globe is the go-to manufacturer for material handling parts amongst the top package, parcel companies and major international airports.  

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