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Pipe Coatings

 Composites offer many advantages for industrial parts. Composite parts can be self-lubricating, corrosion resistant, and more durable than metal. Globe has a team of engineers and chemists that can assess your needs and creatively design new parts, or redesign replacement parts, using the latest techniques and composite materials to radically improve performance for your company.  Do you have hard to find parts or the OEM no longer supports or supplies the part? We can take an existing part and make replacement parts for you that perform even better than the original part, or create a new part to fit your needs.  

Composite Valves, Bearings and More...
Composites offer many advantages for industrial parts. Composite parts can be self-lubricating, corrosion resistant, and more durable than metal. For example Globe has developed a family of thermoset and thermoplastic materials ideally suited for valves, that can replace traditional brass or leaded-brass material for valve applications. Now, valves can be made with FDA compliant material, require minimal secondary grinding and finishing operations, and deliver lower-cost, higher-performing fluid control.

Innovative Tooling Materials for Thermoforming
Globe now designs and develops innovative tooling materials for thermoforming via CMT Materials (CMT), our syntactic materials division. CMT Materials product line includes HYTAC® syntactic foam plug assists, used by leading toolmakers & thermoformers around the world.

CMT Materials' product line includes syntactic foam which is available in a variety of sizes: rod, sheet, or block. We also offer custom-cast solutions for large plugs with complex geometries. We provide materials for prototyping and vacuum forming with a variety of tooling and modeling boards. CMT is also the North American distributor for the METAPOR® line of porous aluminum materials.



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Syntactic Foam Plug Assist | Products

CMT Materials is the world’s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of syntactic foam and other innovative tooling materials for the thermoforming industry.

HYTAC ® for Thin Gauge Thermoforming

The HYTAC® line of plug assist materials is specifically designed for the thermoforming industry. These materials have been engineered to allow plastic processors to reduce their starting gauge, reduce cycle times, improve part clarity and improve material distribution.

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HYTAC ® for Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

HYTAC® LPX and LPXT provide heavy gauge thermoformers with a proven solution that meets the demands of large plug requirements.

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METAPOR® material is air permeable over the entire surface due to its micro-porous structure, eliminating the need to design and manufacturing complex venting systems. These excellent properties are highly beneficial when working with thermoforming, vacuum clamping systems and air cushion systems.

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CMT provides a complete line of tooling, styling and modeling boards for every design need.

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Sample Industrial Products


HYTAC® Syntactic Foam

HYTAC® syntactic foam plug assists are used by leading toolmakers & thermoformers around the world. Our product line includes syntactic foam which is available in a variety of sizes: rod, sheet, or block. We also offer custom-cast solutions for large plugs with complex geometries.
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    Pipe Coatings

Corrosion-Resistant Coatings for Oil Field Transmission Pipes

Globe has devised a unique application system and high-strength material that can be applied to flow sensors and other fluid-transmission components to increase fluid transfer and reduce corrosion.  We can coat pipes ranging from 4” to 50” in diameter.

    Traffic Markers

Durable Traffic Markers

For Traffic Control & HOV Lanes
Our ultra-durable traffic markers, made from Brandonite®, are designed to withstand the daily rigors of traffic in Industrial, Airport, or any public setting. In fact, they're used everyday in the tunnel systems of New York City. Proven to withstand repeated vehicle impacts, this unique product offers a highly dependable traffic channeling solution. > Learn More

Mining Equipment

Replace traditional cast iron components that are used in mineral, diamond mining, and extraction applications using Globe’s durable, corrosion-resistant materials.  Since the components can be made with liquid-castable materials, we can make any size or geometry part to meet the demanding requirements normally associated with mining, extraction and conveyance.

composite replacement part


CT Scanner Non-magnetic Components 

Since the modular parts of many CT/PET/PT scanning beds -- like head, arm, or leg rests --  are often moved and/or removed, a need for high-strength fasteners with superior shear and tensile properties arose.  Globe Composite Solutions has formulated a low-cost, non-magnetic, high-performing material that meets this need better than any other.

non-magnetic components


Self-Lubricating Bearings for Heavy Duty Applications

Globe makes a variety of low-friction, high-compression materials that have unique self-lubricating properties, making them ideal for low rotational, heavy-duty applications. Our self-lubricating bearings can be used in some of most demanding operating environments, such as metallic bearing replacement for offshore oil rig deck cranes, forklift bearings, or minerals/mining conveyance.

Industrial Bearing

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