Application Driven Approach to Material Formulation

Material_Formulation With over 130 years of experience, the team at Globe Composite is uniquely qualified to help you select the composite materials that will meet your performance, quality, and cost standards. Our trained chemists work around the clock to formulate, test, and recommend hundreds of different materials on a daily basis.

We use a variety of materials, some of which have even been developed, created, and patented exclusively by Globe Composite for our customers. Whether you are looking for greater design flexibility, reduced operation costs, wear and tear resistance, or lower energy consumption, our team will go above and beyond to recommend an appropriate advanced composite materials solution for your individual application needs.

The Globe Composite team excels at creating custom material formulations that combine materials in order to produce parts with physical properties that are not typically associated with “plastics”. For example, some of our composite materials are structurally rigid, to replace steel, aluminum and other metals, yet retain elastomeric characteristics for impact & shock resistance, noise & vibration dampening, and shape “memory”.

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