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As your one stop resource for performance solutions, Globe Composite offers a full spectrum of services ranging from the initial material formulation phase down to the scalable production of your finished component. 

Check out some of our composite videos below to get a firsthand look at our solutions in action.

Transforming Complex Problems into Extraordinary Solutions!  
High Speed CNC Router & Slitter for Lead-free Radiation Shielding Curtains  

High Speed CNC Router & Slitter is used to cut, trim and slit Globe's lead-free radiation shielding curtains made with Brandonite® materials.


Baggage High-Speed Diverter Arm  

Our customer uses motor-activated diverter arms to push packages and non-standard objects off high-speed belt conveyors into delivery chutes. Prior to working with Globe, the diverter arms were made of reinforced aluminum and steel or rigid plastic and steel, which over time would deform and the plastic arms would crack.

By switching to Globe's composite materials, our customer will save approximately $1.1 million in the next 3 years.

Sea TREK Helmet Diving  

Take a walk under the sea with Sea TREK!

Globe Composite Solutions developed a tough, UV-resistant, liquid cast-able material for Sea Trek®'s helmet's shell.  The liquid cast-able material also creates greater design flexibility, allowing Globe to produce a modular ballast system for the helmet's shell as well.

Visit to see their locations around the world.

USPS Tilt-tray Sorting Systems  

All-composite mail sorting system created by Globe Composite Solutions for the USPS to reduce maintenance, lengthen part life-span, reduce noise, and save money, time, and energy. Maintenance free since 2003!

Metal vs. Globe Composite Package/Parcel Sorting System  

See how Globe's all-composite parcel sorting system fares next to a metal sorting system. The metal system is loud, showing wear like rust, and breaks down frequently.  Globe's all-composite trays and system are quieter, keep their shape regardless of wear, and require far less maintenance -- thus saving time, money, and energy.

Composite Grate Drop Test  

A 360-lb. weight is dropped from 6 feet onto this composite grate. A normal metal grate would bend and deform. This fiber-reinforced grate absorbs the energy of the weight and returns to its normal shape.

O'Hare Airport Composite, Flat-Plate Baggage Conveyance  

Flat, sturdy, lightweight, composite conveyor belt plates from Globe Composite Solutions for O'Hare International Airport.

High Strength Gasket Tensile Stretch Test  

Stretch test on Globe Composite's high-strength gasket: Has a tensile strength of 3600-4500 pounds per square inch (PSI) and can stretch up to 500x in length.

Jam Break Pole (Shepherd's Hook)  

An ergonomic material handling solution created by Globe Composite, the durable jam break pole (also known as a Shepherd’s Hook) was designed specifically to address jams that occur with packages of all sizes, shapes, and weights moving along the conveyor system daily. This specially crafted jam break pole is a composite-based, single-cavity molded product designed to bolt onto the end of a pole, replacing the makeshift bent metal and wires used in the past.  This product comes in three models to address just about any conveyor jam problem you may encounter.


Radiation Shielding Curtains on TSA-Certified Explosive Detection System  

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