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Using the Best Gasket Material for the U.S. Navy

By Globe Composite | Nov 15, 2017 11:42:33 AM

Finding the right gasket material for sealing critical applications can be a challenge. Before engineers can even begin to think about installing and testing a new gasket, they face the critical responsibility of selecting a material that can withstand a range of operating temperatures and pressures, harsh environmental conditions, and yet is flexible enough to achieve a proper seal without failure. It is not an easy task.

As mechanical engineers push the limits of what systems can achieve, the demands put on all component parts also increases. Traditional parts made of metal, plastic, or rubber simply cannot keep pace with the demands of modern defense or industrial applications. Even in existing applications, parts are expected to last longer and reduce replacement costs. Few other gasket applications are as critical as having fail-safe gaskets on an underwater vehicle.

Topics: Marine Industry, Science of Composites, Submersible Industry, Industrial Industry

Intelligent Marine Robots are Here

By Globe Composite | Nov 1, 2017 3:36:12 PM

What's cooler than robots? Intelligent underwater robots!

While high-flying drone vehicles have been in the news quite a lot this year, a new generation of stealthy underwater drones have gone through an amazing evolution. Underwater robots, also known as Unmanned Underwater Vehicles or UUVs, have been around for a while. UUVs are basically any vehicle that's able to operate underwater without a human on board. Some UUVs need a human to directly control them, and are aptly named Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles or ROVs. However, a new generation of intelligent unmanned underwater vehicles are now available. Known as Autonomous Underwater Vehicles or AUVs, and they have opened the mysteries under the sea, as no other underwater technology to date.

Topics: Marine Industry, Submersible Industry, Composite Applications

Airport Security Health Concerns

By Globe Composite | Oct 26, 2017 4:28:12 PM

The use of hand-held wands for individual screening, walk-through metal detectors, full-body scanners, and baggage X-ray machines, are familiar to anyone who has flown on an airplane in the past decade. Modern airports use these security devices to keep travelers safe from external threats, but how safe are the methods they use? Do modern airport security methods pose a health concern? The following is an overview of current security screening technologies, how they work, and what sort of health issues they might cause.

Topics: Airport Industry, Radiation Shielding, Composite Applications

Quickly and Safely Clearing Conveyor Jams

By Globe Composite | Oct 18, 2017 7:45:32 AM

With packages of all sizes, shapes, and weights moving along your conveyor system daily, "log jams" are bound to occur. Often employees have to resort to "makeshift" jam break poles, or whatever is within arm's reach, to unjam conveyors. Unfortunately, when employees use these sorts of bent metal makeshift conveyor jam-up tools, safety issues or product damage can often result. Whether your company moves hundreds (or millions) of products each day, product damage or downtime due to these package jams can mean the difference between success and failure for your operation. 

Topics: Airport Industry, Material Handling Industry, Composite Applications

Meeting Performance Challenges with Composite Materials

By Globe Composite | Oct 10, 2017 5:12:54 PM

Great strides are being made introducing various composite materials for Industrial and Marine applications.  Composites are radically changing the cost/performance curve in the development of new products.

The Design Challenge

Globe Composite Solutions was recently contacted by an international company that was developing a new generation of outboard marine engines to fulfill the emerging global demand for energy-efficient engines. Their new engine required greater cooling capacity than typical outboard engines. In addition, the manufacturer was under a tight timeline to come up with a cost-effective solution. Globe Composite is well known for designing and manufacturing composite components that can withstand adverse operating conditions. Globe’s 30+ years of experience in providing components for pump applications was particularly relevant to address this challenge.   

Topics: Marine Industry, Industrial Industry

Three Tools to Safely Clear Conveyors Jams

By Globe Composite | Aug 9, 2017 11:21:36 AM

Whether your company moves thousands or millions of packages, operational inefficiencies, product damage or downtime can mean the difference between success and failure.

Globe's engineering team noticed that distribution centers were using bent metal makeshift tools to unjam packages on conveyor systems. Sometimes the bent metal ends were welded or fastened and the sharp edges of the tool punctured the package or damaged the product. These makeshift tools aren’t easy to repair, causes product damage and are not safe for package handlers or employees. 

Topics: Airport Industry, Product Showcase, Material Handling Industry, Transportation Industry

Composite Conveyors Eliminate Metallic Interference & Increases RFID Readability

By Globe Composite | May 23, 2017 8:57:06 AM

Did you know that 72% of retailers plan to upgrade their supply chain with real-time visibility enabled by automation, sensors and analytics? And, 70% of
these retailers are planning to provide item-level RFID tracking technology. Additionally, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) shared results of a study finding that RFID can reduce the number of mishandled bags globally up to 25 percent by 2022.  

Delta Airlines, for example,  is already using RFID technology at 84 airports. 
So, what does this mean for future of material handling at parcel & distribution centers, as well as airports?

Topics: Material Handling Industry

How to Reduce Downtime in Parcel & Distribution Centers

By Globe Composite | May 3, 2017 1:14:43 PM

In any parcel or distribution facility, there are several pieces of equipment that are critical to operations. Tilt-tray sorters, diverter arms, actuators, and conveyance components all keep business operations running smoothly. Packing and shipping tools, such as palletizers, trailers, and trucks, play an integral role in the efficient movement of parcels. Unfortunately, each of these critical tools can experience issues that disrupt performance.

Downtime can be costly and disrupt the flow of your whole enterprise. There is nothing more frustrating than watching an essential piece of equipment sit idle. Are these frustrations just a part of the job, or is there something you can do to minimize unscheduled downtime?

Topics: Material Handling Industry

The Safer Alternative: RoHS Compliant Radiation Shielding Material

By Globe Composite | Dec 2, 2016 1:30:00 PM

As we explored in our recent blog, the industry standard for radiation shielding in X-Ray and C/T scanners is lead-based materials. Any individual responsible for producing, using, maintaining, handling or disposing of lead-based materials and products is at risk. With a better understanding of the debilitating (and potentially fatal) effects of lead exposure, many industries have moved towards lead-free or RoHS compliant materials.

Topics: Radiation Shielding

5 DOT Traffic Control Benefits of Composite Traffic Delineators

By Globe Composite | Dec 1, 2016 11:00:00 AM

According to the
Center for Disease Control & Prevention, over two million individuals are injured and 32,000 are killed each year in motor vehicle accidents. As an employee of or contractor for the Department of Transportation, you have a critical responsibility to guide the flow of traffic, reduce congestion, and ultimately create a safer transportation environment for drivers. Even if you’re an owner of a large parking area at an airport, shopping mall or entertainment venue, managing and controlling traffic is essential.

Topics: Airport Industry, Industrial Industry, Transportation Industry

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