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CMT Materials

CMT Materials designs and manufactures the HYTAC® line of composite tooling materials, which is the world standard for thermal management and reduced plastic use in thermoformed packaging. CMT also offers METAPOR® air permeable material, as well as a complete line of Tooling and Modeling Board material for every design need.


Engineered Syntactic Systems

ESS designs and manufactures syntactic foams that provide the lowest densities/ highest strengths for Subsea Buoyancy, and lightest weight as a structural protection when Low FST (Fire, Smoke, Toxicity) is a concern. ESS also offers materials for custom Submersible Structures, Electronics, and Insulation.



Westland Technologies

Westland designs and manufactures elastomeric based products for the U.S. Navy submarine and surface fleets. Products include hull treatments, vibration dampening systems, and other related products that enhance the survivability of our fleet. Westland products are on every submarine, destroyer, and aircraft carrier in the U.S. Navy.  


Do you have an appetite for exponential growth? Then Globe may be the right place for you! Our company openly welcomes new challenges, relentlessly pursues product performance, and delivers outstanding customer satisfaction through honest, hard work. We are seeking people who are passionate, action-oriented problem solvers, and lifelong learners. 

Our Clients

Globe has had the distinct pleasure of being the primary choice for composites by some of the biggest players across the world’s top industries. From Defense to Material Handling, to Marine and Submersible, to Radiation Shielding and Industrial products, Globe has a solid reputation as an innovative provider of composite-based solutions.