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We engineer composite products tailored to our client’s needs.

Globe Composite has an exceptional level of submersible component experience, ranging from design to rapid prototyping, to scalable manufacturing, and all of the critical testing in between. We are committed to manufacturing quality components for a variety of recreational and commercial marine use. Globe's Marine parts and accessories can withstand continual exposure to the elements -- including direct sunlight, the corrosive effect of saltwater, diesel fuel, caustic chemicals, petrochemicals, and lubricants. Globe’s marine products will yield years of trouble-free service without losing durability, finish, or color.

Composite Marine Parts 
Globe's composite Marine parts offer a wide range of attributes, including: Corrosion Resistance, Hydrolytic Stability, Structural Integrity at Extreme Depths, Sealing Ability, Impact & Shock Resistance, Weight Reduction, and Vibration/Impact Resistance. Project examples include: Impellers, DriveSaver® Vibration-Dampening Flexible Couplings, Coatings, and High-Strength Gaskets.

Buoyancy Solutions
Globe now offers extensive submersible buoyancy solutions, produced by our Engineered Syntactic Systems division (ESS). Buoyancy design and selection are important factor in all Marine craft. Specially engineered and formulated to serve as void filler for Marine applications, these syntactic materials are provided as multi-part kits that are mixed and poured into any free-flood cavity or void. Void spaces in both steel or composite structures may be filled with syntactic to fine tune ballast capability, reduce in-water weight of large components during deployment or simply to reduce corrosion. Click here for more information.

Submersible Structural Materials
Globe now offers extensive syntactic materials for submersible structural solutions, produced by our Engineered Syntactic Systems division (ESS). The impressive mechanical properties of ESS syntactic materials provide strength and structural integrity at a significantly lower weight per volume than most traditional materials. In addition, exceptional thermal protection and resistance to water absorption make syntactic foam the ideal solution for many Marine, Defense, off-shore and mining applications. Click here for more information.



Sample Marine Products 


Buoyancy Assemblies

Our low density syntactic foams, in combination with our wealth of design experience and value-added capabilities ensure optimal syntactic performance even under significant hydrostatic pressures. Quick-turn buoyancy packages are also available. These packages are fully machined to shape and include protective skins and coatings, as well as inserts for attachment to a vehicle or auxiliary equipment. > Learn More


Structural Materials

The impressive mechanical properties syntactic foam provide strength, structural integrity, thermal protection and resistance to water absorption, at a significantly lower weight per volume than most traditional materials. This makes syntactic materials the ideal solution for many Defense applications. > Learn More

Precision Gaskets & Seals

Precision Gaskets & Seals

Globe has developed a new family of super high-strength compliant material that is ideal for demanding gasket and sealing applications.  How tough and reliable is this material? It is used as the gaskets for missile hatches on all US Navy submarines. > Learn More


Developing a Recreational Diving Helmet
How Composites Saved Sub Sea Systems® an Estimated $1.5 Million Over 3 Years


Our Process: How We Went from Problem to Solution
Globe's client, Sub Sea Systems®,  provides recreational diving systems to resorts and aquariums worldwide for Sub Sea's  Sea Trek® tours.  A demanding application, since the helmet needs to function under submersible pressures, sustain the wear-and-tear of everyday use, withstand chlorinated/salt water and the intense UV rays of the sun. Since Sub Sea Systems® and their Sea Trek® tours are growing rapidly, the company was having difficulty keeping up with demand as each helmet was handmade using lay-up fiberglass requiring 40 man-hours of work.  Over 50 lbs. of ballast weight was integrated into the helmet itself, making it costly to ship to worldwide. Additionally, the fiberglass helmet would often chip, peel or crack, requiring expensive and time consuming repairs. 

Why We Selected Brandonite® 1100-80D
Globe developed a tough, UV-resistant, liquid-castable material -- Brandonite® 1100-80D -- for Sea Trek®'s helmet's shell that can be poured into a mold producing the finished shell with minimal secondary, finishing work.  The scratch-resistant helmet's shell  is durable with the color embedded into the material -- thus, improving physical appearance of the  overall  helmet, reducing damage, and the need for constant repairs.  The liquid castable material allows for greater design flexibility, letting Globe create a modular ballast system for the helmet's shell, which can be shipped separately, saving Sub Sea Systems®  shipping and handling expense. 

Benefits and Results
The end result is a more cost-effective, more durable, and rapidly produced part with a better finished quality that meets our customer  demands.  Shipping, maintenance, and repair costs are reduced significantly.  Globe estimates that it will save the Sub Sea Systems® approximately $1.5 million over the next 3 years by using Globe's all-composite shell for their helmet.

Brandonite®1100-80D.  This liquid-cast high-performance polyurethane combines outstanding rigidity with an excellent balance of physical properties such as wear resistance, hydrolytic degradation, and UV-stability.  

Development Time
Total development time for this product was 11 months.  Five months were spent on formulating and testing the material's durability for UV-resistance and other wear and tear.  The material had to be tough  enough for the application, yet still provide an aesthetically pleasing finished product.

Potential Applications
Brandonite® 1100-80D is ideal for replacing components traditionally made with fiberglass.  Target volumes are typically less than 5,000 parts per year and can be of any size.  The liquid casting approach allows for complex geometries to be formed using low-cost tooling while eliminating or reducing traditional post-machining or finishing operations associated with hand lay-up fiberglass and a gel-coat. Possible applications include:

  • Defense / Submersible - Sonar, acoustic or radar Covers
  • Marine -  Housings, covers, and accessories
  • Medical - Covers, bezels and structural uses
  • Industrial – Covers and structural uses. 

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