How We Engineer Composite Parts

Product Design

Material Formulation
Rapid Prototyping

Molds & Tooling


Interested in greater design and performance of your operations? Are your current parts wearing out too quickly, make too much noise, or not as durable as you need? Do you want to save on energy costs while saving the environment?

Globe Composite, your one stop resource for composite engineering solutions, offers a full spectrum of services ranging from the initial material formulation phase down to the scalable production of your finished component. We combine our expertise in advanced, yet cost-effective, composite materials with a passion to meet the demanding performance requirements for defense, airport, parcel, material handling, marine, industrial, and submersible applications.

At each stage of the component creation process, you will be welcomed by our seasoned team of chemists, researchers, designers, engineers, and more. This comprehensive and unique set of skills allows us to relentlessly take on any design and production challenge, as we have been doing successfully since 1890.


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  • Raytheon | Southwest | American Airlines | GE | DELTA
  • NAVSEA | US NAVY | LOCKHEED MARTIN | Huntington Ingalls Newport News Shipbuilding | Sandia National Laboratories