Radiation Shielding

Engineered composite products for Security and Medical use.

Globe has developed a family of lead-free radiation shielding materials that are used to produce radiation shielding components for a variety of Security, Medical and Food Inspection applications. We can custom formulate material to meet your specific radiation shielding requirements, so you can rest assured that your part will perform as expected- each and every time. 

Globe's radiation shielding material is available in a range of densities and hardnesses applicable to many industries and uses.  

Globe is an expert in radiation shielding and High-Gravity Composites (HGC), having won two patents for its family of RoHS compliant HGC compounds -- all part of Globe's portfolio of cost-effective Brandonite® composites. Globe's high-temperature, lead-free Brandonite® HGC materials are also ideal for Industrial radiation shielding applications and can be used in high-temperature nuclear shielding, as well as in servicing or replenishing nuclear-powered reactor vessels.


 Radiation Shielding  
Globe Provides:
  • Shielding Curtains
  • Modular Shielding Tunnels
  • Anode & Cathode Tube Covers
  • Radioisotope Carriers
  • X-Ray Covers
  • Collimators & Apertures
  • Nuclear Shielding
  • Structural HGC Components

Our Core Capabilities

Product Design
Material Formulation
Rapid Prototyping
Mold Making and Tooling
Scalable Manufacturing

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Globe is changing the world with composite solutions, and offers a full spectrum of services ranging from the initial material formulation, to the scalable production of your finished component.

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