Baggage Handling, Security Screening
& Ground Service Equipment

Globe is a trusted name in composite-based material handling airport components, from baggage handling to Explosive Detection System (EDS) screening to ground service equipment. Our materials are specially formulated to withstand the daily demands of an airport’s operating environment and each application.

Use Composite Replacement Parts

Do you have hard to find parts or the OEM no longer supports or supplies the part? We can take an existing part and make replacement parts for you that perform even better than the original part. Globe has designed and manufactured a wide variety of replacement components specifically designed for clients in the airport industry

RoHS Compliant Radiation Shielding Curtains

Despite the declining popularity of lead-based materials, RoHS compliant products are still not universal in the workplace. Incidents of exposure can occur during the production, use, maintenance, and disposal of materials and products containing lead. When it comes to radiation shielding curtains used in X-Ray Scanners and Explosive Detection Systems (EDS), the traditional solution contains lead, frays easily, is difficult to maintain, and contributes to inefficient jams.

To solve this issue, Globe Composite has patented a low-friction, durable, RoHS Compliant Radiation Shielding Curtain designed to significantly increase the throughput of baggage and parcels. > Learn More

How can we help your company?

Sample Airport Products

The team at Globe Composite can design and produce a wide variety of airport equipment from all or mostly composite-based materials. We can custom blend these materials to exactly meet your product’s specific requirements, so you can rest assured that your part will perform as expected- each and every time. 

Radiation Shield CurtainRadiation Shielding Curtains

We make durable RoHS compliant lead-free curtains that are superior to traditional radiation shielding curtains used in X-Ray Scanners and Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) that contain lead, fray easily, are difficult to maintain, and cause baggage jams. 
> Learn More

Shielding Tunnels

Modular Shielding Tunnels (MST©)

Globe’s line of modular shielding tunnels can easily be added to most EDS or X-Ray systems to meet your specific screening needs. We've designed the tunnel to sit conveniently on top of existing conveyor systems to reduce installation or retrofit costs. 
> Learn More

Jam Break ToolsJam Break Poles

Unjam baggage using our long-lasting composite-based Jam Break Tools. Three tool types for all conveyor uses. Safely remove baggage from X-Ray Scanners and Explosive Detection Systems as well.     > Learn More

PCA Gasket

PCA Gaskets

Our specially formulated gaskets, based on our Defense technology products, last three times longer than traditional foam or urethane gaskets.
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Carousel Plate

Baggage Carousel Flat Plates

Our composite flat plates and rollers are available to fit any baggage carousel system in operation currently. Reduce your energy costs by 60%, decrease wear & tear, improve aesthetics, and control the noise levels of your baggage carousels. > Learn More

Diverter Paddles for Siemens Baggage DivertersSiemens High Speed Diverter Arms

Looking for replacement arms for the Siemens High Speed Diverters Models 6600 & 6650? By switching to Globe's composite materials, our customers have saved approximately $1.1 million over 3 years.
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Baggage Chute LinerBaggage Chute Liners

Our durable Baggage Chute Liners are a very cost effective method of extending the wear life of your chutes. Our liners protect and cushion the chute from the impact of baggage and other materials.

Bump Wedge Conveyor Bump-Out Wedges

Our abrasion-resistant, long lasting Baggage Conveyor Bump-Out Wedges are used to center and adjust bags as they're transported through the system to reduce jams and misfeeds.

Jet Bridge Adapter

Airport Boarding Ramps/
Jet Bridge Adapters

Our lightweight composite Boarding Ramps/ Bridge Adapters features: composite honeycomb design, lightweight profile for easy use, durable construction, non-skid surface, luminescent stripes for safety, as well as curved handles for easy transport.
> Learn More

Water Line Protector

Potable Water Line Protectors

Our FDA-Compliant 6" diameter water line protectors, made with durable, abrasion-resistant Brandonite®, are infused with high-visibility safety orange providing years of use on the tarmac- where performance counts. > Learn More

Case Study: Flat Plates for Baggage Carousels

Discover How Our Composite Flat Plate Saved Over $600,000 in Replacement Costs


When you’re in an airport, one of your biggest concerns is making sure your luggage arrived safely from your initial destination to your final destination, but how often do you think about the actual machine responsible for bringing your bags to you? An airline client of Globe Composite had a 268-foot long, 20 year-old flat baggage carousel nearing the end of its life expectancy.

The baggage carousel not only made lots of noise and showed poor physical appearance, but it required constant maintenance totaling up to $60,000 in maintenance costs per year. When the original equipment manufacturer provided only costly solutions, Globe Composite designed, produced, and manufactured a single piece, molded composite flat-plate made from our patented Brandonite® 1500-75D.

In this case study you will find the following:

  • Our Process: How We Went from Problem to Solution
  • Immediate & 5 Year Savings for Our Client
  • Composite Flat Plate Specifications for Baggage Carousels

> Download Case Study


Case Study: Pre-Conditioned Air Sealing Devices

Our High-Strength PCA Gasket Solution for the Airport Industry


At airports, ground service crews use air adapter chutes to circulate the pre-conditioned air for an aircraft. These air adapter chutes are connected to the aircraft via pre-conditioned air (PCA) gaskets.

Traditional PCA gaskets are made using plastic, foam, urethane, metal, or sometimes Teflon, and are prone to chip, break, or tear. To avoid these issues, Globe Composite created all-composite PCA sealing devices based on technology developed for the military.

In this case study you will find the following:

  • Our Process: How We Went from Problem to Solution
  • How Our PCA Gaskets Stack Up to Conventional Gaskets

> Download Case Study


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