Submersible Components

Components for Underwater Vehicle Applications 

Globe Composite has an exceptional level of submersible component experience, ranging from design to rapid prototyping, to scalable manufacturing, and all of the critical testing in between. We are committed to manufacturing quality components for a variety of UUV, AUV, ROV, and HOV submersible applications, and have constructed a dedicated clean-room facility to test high tolerance, submersible-related parts. Additionally, Globe Composite has a fully-equipped Quality Control Lab that assesses critical performance measurement requirements, including tolerances and processes of parts used in the deep ocean. This lab allows our facility and team to serve as a reference laboratory for many of our clients, and is part of the reason the U.S. Navy trusts Globe to deliver over 140 parts and components for submarines.

Composite Submersible Parts
Buoyancy SolutionsGlobe's composite parts offer a wide range of attributes, including: Corrosion Resistance, Hydrolytic Stability, Structural Integrity at Extreme Depths, Sealing Ability, Impact & Shock Resistance, Weight Reduction, Radiation Shielding, Vibration/Impact Resistance, and Acoustic & Signature Reduction. Project examples include: Sonar & Hydrophone Casings, Fairings, Coatings, Surface Controls, Propulsor Covers, Nosecones, and High-Strength Gaskets.

Buoyancy Solutions
Globe now offers extensive submersible buoyancy solutions, produced by our Engineered Syntactic Systems division (ESS). Buoyancy design and selection are critical to the successful operation of  UUV, AUV, ROV, and HOV submersibles. Low-density syntactic materials make undersea vehicles neutrally buoyant, resistant to hydrostatic pressure and able to explore the ocean's depths for extended periods of time. In addition, these high-performance microsphere syntactic foams help to meet the rapidly growing demand to support heavier and more complex payloads while maintaining the vehicle’s compact dimensions. Click here for more information.

Submersible Structural Materials
Globe now offers extensive syntactic materials for submersible structural solutions, produced by our Engineered Syntactic Systems division (ESS). The impressive mechanical properties of ESS syntactic materials provide strength and structural integrity at a significantly lower weight per volume than most traditional materials. In addition, exceptional thermal protection, Low FST (Fire, Smoke, Toxicity), and resistance to water absorption make syntactic foam the ideal solution for many Marine, Defense, off-shore and mining applications. Click here for more information.

Subsea Insulation Solutions
Globe now offers submersible insulation solutions, produced by our Engineered Syntactic Systems division (ESS). Hydrocarbons produced during subsea operations are prone to blockage by paraffins or hydrates that can form when the fluid temperature falls below some critical temperature. It is therefore important to conserve the heat of the fluid and prevent excessive cooling during production and shutdown period. This has become an increasingly important concern as production has moved into deeper Pelagic Zones and longer flowlines have been required, and a variety of different insulation methods have evolved. Presently the following components are now typically insulated: jumpers, valves, sleds, risers, manifolds and flowlines. Click here for more information.


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Sample Underwater Vehicle Solutions 


Buoyancy Assemblies

Our low density syntactic foams, in combination with our wealth of design experience and value-added capabilities ensure optimal syntactic performance even under significant hydrostatic pressures. Quick-turn buoyancy packages are also available. These packages are fully machined to shape and include protective skins and coatings, as well as inserts for attachment to a vehicle or auxiliary equipment. > Learn More


Structural Materials

The impressive mechanical properties syntactic foam provide strength, structural integrity, thermal protection and resistance to water absorption, at a significantly lower weight per volume than most traditional materials. This makes syntactic materials the ideal solution for many Defense applications.
> Learn More

Acoustic Dome

Transducer Covers

We can design and fabricate acoustically transparent covers and metallic/non-metallic hydrophone and transducer baseplates for submersible applications. Our transducer covers can be coated with special anti-fouling materials.

Precision Gaskets & Seals

Precision Gaskets & Seals

Globe has developed a new family of super high-strength compliant material that is ideal for demanding gasket and sealing applications.  How tough and reliable is this material? It is used as the gaskets for missile hatches on all US Navy submarines. > Learn More


Masts and Electronic Packaging

Masts and Electronic Packaging

Globe designed a unique molding approach that was able to assure precise placement of the electronics package and minimized potential scrap associated with incorrectly encapsulating the wiring and electronics, thereby saving rework and improving the overall hydrodynamics and performance of the mast unit.


Vibration-Absorbing Isolation Mounts & Thrust Bearings

Vibration-Absorbing Isolation Mounts & Thrust Bearings

Globe can design and manufacture isolation mounts and vibration dampeners for a variety of applications using our advanced, low-durometer, high-strength dampening materials. These dampeners can be bonded to metallic and non-metallic attachment structures or casements such as stainless steel or titanium.


Antenna Housings

Globe has developed durable antenna housing for a large defense contractor, using advanced, impact-resistant elastomeric materials.



Acoustic Hull Windows

We can design and manufacture acoustic-transparent hull covers (“windows”) used for oceanographic research. These windows can be made up to 16 feet long and 4 feet wide.


Monitoring Buoys and Pressure Cases

Monitoring Buoys and Pressure Cases

Replacing stainless steel, Globe Composite manufactures instrumentation cases using impact resistant, rust-proof materials that provide years of indestructible subsea use. This all-composite pressure cases can be made in a variety of sizes to accommodate electronic packages and power sources.

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