Buna-N Replacement Whitepaper:
Flexible, High-Strength & Highly Elastic Material for Gaskets & Shock Absorption Applications 

buna n rubber gasket replacementGlobe Composite manufactures a variety of gaskets for US Navy nuclear submarines using Brandonite® to replace Class III Buna-N Material. As a liquid castable material, Brandonite® 1200-60A combines the properties of high tensile strength & elongation, outstanding elasticity, and excellent resistance to seawater, oils, chemicals, and UV degradation. 

Download this whitepaper for an in-depth comparison of Buna-N with Brandonite® 1200-60A for nuclear submarine gaskets: 

  • Development of Brandonite® 1200-60A
  • Brandonite® 1200-60A Applications
  • Comparison of Brandonite® vs. Buna N Rubber

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