Traffic Delineator Posts

Durable Composite Traffic Delineator Posts
Manage Lane Control, Effectively Reduce Congestion, & Create A Safer Driving Environment.

trafficimage We developed a composite traffic delineator post that has been strategically enhanced to provide greater fatigue strength and durability. Proven to withstand repeated vehicle impacts, this unique product offers a highly dependable traffic channeling solution. Our delineators are available in three standard sizes and can be manufactured in a variety of colors.

An economical solution to manage lane control, effectively reduce congestion, & create a safer driving environment.

 In pursuit of a dependable traffic channeling solution, you’ve likely encountered everything from expensive messaging signs down to low-cost delineator posts that promise (but often fail) to stand up over time. We’ve developed a custom urethane traffic delineator post that has been strategically enhanced to provide greater fatigue strength and durability. Currently available in three standard sizes, these delineators can be manufactured in a variety of colors to suit your application needs.

Easily Guide & Control Traffic: Direct motorists around construction areas, accidents, lane reduction transitions, and dangerous curves.

Visible In All Conditions: Due to their reflective material, these delineators will remain visible at night and during inclimate weather conditions.

Durable Urethane Material: Made from a specially formulated urethane material, our markers can be repeatedly hit without cracking or breaking.

Economical Solution: Easily balance end user requirements and strict budgets by eliminating costly alternatives that require long-term maintenance.

HOV Management: Instead of relying on hydraulically or mechanically manipulated HOV systems, our solution maintains control without the hassle

Leverage Our Traffic Delineators To:

  • Augment DOT Programs
  • Change Traffic Patterns
  • Manage HOV Lanes
  • Isolate Handicap Parking Areas
  • Maintain Large Parking Infrastructures
  • Provide solutions for Airports, Malls, Sports Venues, etc.


Features of this economical, durable solution include: 
  • Tensile Strength: 4300 PSI
  • Elongation: 380%
  • Tear Strength: Die C, PLI (KN/M): 700
  • Bashore Rebound: 40%
  • Bell Brittle Point: -80 F; 63 C
  • Reflective Band Width: 4” – 6”
  • Min. Candle Power: White 250 candles, yellow 170 (candles/ft.)
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