Conveyor Centering Guides & Diverters

Centering Guides 
Globe Composite’s Conveyor Centering Guides, made from durable and low coefficient of friction Brandonite 1500-75D are designed to mount to conveyor side rails for repositioning parcels, baggage, totes or any other items that might be conveyed on belt or roller systems.

The Brandonite 1500-75D material is especially formulated to absorb the impact of abusive applications and is designed to provide years of trouble-free service as compared to sheet metal and UHMW alternatives.

We currently offer 3 sizes as illustrated in the chart Below. Custom sizes could be considered and manufactured for high volume OEM applications.

 Conveyor Centering Guides 1


Manual Sort and Pick Diverter
Globe Composite’s Manual Sort and Pick Diverter is made from durable and low coefficient of friction Brandonite 1500-75D and is designed to mount through a small opening in the back conveyor guide rail. Sitting on the moving conveyor belt in normal operation, packages that are against or near the back conveyor guide, are ramped out towards the operator within easy reach reducing the risk of operator back injury. A dual hook design also allows this versatile diverter to be used as an end of conveyor package stop.

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Conveyor Centering Guide 

Key Benefits
  • Greatly reduces the risk of operator Injury due to lower back strain.
  • Made from wear resistant and Low Friction Brandonite 1500-75D
  • Lightweight Design (11lbs) easily relocated to various pick locations by an operator
  • Dual Steel Hook design allows this diverter to be used both as a ramp and an end of conveyor stop
  • Universal design allows it to work on conveyor systems regardless of package flow direction
  • Rounded edges on all sides makes it easy to handle and reduces the risk of hand injury

Conveyor Centering Guides

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