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Product Showcase: Stationary Diverter Arm for Sorting Systems

By Globe Composite


What is a Stationary Diverter Arm?

A stationary diverter arm is used in automatic sorting systems for parcels, packages, boxes, or other items to change the object's direction or orientation on the conveyor belt.  They can be used to redirect packages or parcels at any point on a conveyor easily and without the need for automated assistance or manned supervision.sorting systems stationaryDiverterArm04_500x196_1.jpg


Why Do I Need a Stationary Diverter Arm?

If you run any kind of sorting system for your business where letters, boxes, packages, or other objects are carried along by roller or conveyor belt, you know it can be a challenge to set-up temporary or permanent diversion stations cost-effectively and directing items where you want them to go.  Globe Composite's lightweight stationary diverter arms -- made with our low-coefficient, self-lubricating Brandonite® material – easily install on the conveyor's side-frames to guide and direct packages onto other sorting lines or chutes.  With elegant and simple use, they can be re-positioned anywhere on the sorting line.

What Other Material Handling Products Can I Get from Globe?


sorting systems shootPoker-01-11-6219_292x200.png

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