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The Safer Alternative: RoHS Compliant Radiation Shielding Material

By Globe Composite

ct-scanner.jpgAs we explored in our recent blog, the industry standard for radiation shielding in X-Ray and C/T scanners is lead-based materials. Any individual responsible for producing, using, maintaining, handling or disposing of lead-based materials and products is at risk. With a better understanding of the debilitating (and potentially fatal) effects of lead exposure, many industries have moved towards lead-free or RoHS compliant materials.

Manufacturers of X-Ray Scanners and Explosive Detection Systems (EDS), have shifted product development & procurement efforts to focus on using more lead-free RoHS compliant materials. While this may seem like the logical solution to combat lead exposure, many manufacturers operate on a “just-in-time” basis to minimize inventory costs and reduce the response time between it suppliers and customers. Any supply chain interruption due to the cessation of lead-based raw materials can have significant cost and delivery schedule consequences.

As experts in lead-free radiation shielding materials, Globe has developed a family of RoHS-compliant, high-gravity composite (HGC) compounds to answer a widespread industry issue of using lead-based materials for radiation shielding applications. In fact, Globe Composite was awarded three patents for this breakthrough material that outperforms traditional lead in terms of abrasion resistance, tensile strength, friction coefficient, elongation, and long-term durability.

So what benefits can this unique lead-free material offer to X-ray and C/T OEMs and end-users of these screening systems for medical, material handling and airport industries?

icon2.png1. Material Availability:

Formulated using a wide variety of commercially-available materials, OEMs and end-users using Globe's HGC products can rely on a consistent and uninterrupted supply source for radiation shielding products. Also, the presence of multiple suppliers for our base materials allows us to aggressively negotiate costs, thereby ensuring you’ll receive the lowest possible price for components.

icon3.png2. Environmentally Friendly:

Our Brandonite® HGC materials are fully RoHS compliant which means you’ll have no issues meeting mandated requirements. Additionally, the use of this non-toxic material may also allow our customers to establish or reinforce brand positioning as an environmentally-friendly manufacturer.

icon4.png3. Reduced Tooling & Increased Geometries:

Using our patented liquid casting process, Globe Composite can offer its customers improved design flexibility that significantly reduces or eliminates costly secondary machining operations. Now, radiation shielding parts can be made in almost any geometry or part size.  And now, we can incorporate many features and functions into a single component, potentially reducing the number of parts in an assembly.

icon5.png4. Cost-Effective Formulation:

Available in a broad spectrum of densities, ranging from 2.6 grams/cc to 5.7 grams/cc, this material can be customized to match a specific product application. Now, you can optimize the amount of shielding required for a specific application, thereby reducing costs or eliminating unnecessary weight.  

Brandonite® HGC can be customized to fit your unique component requirements.
Here are several RoHS compliant, industry-focused applications we have developed: 
Carl Forsythe - DSC_2606.jpg
Radiation Shielding Curtains

The lower friction coefficient of our HGC compounds helps improve parcel and baggage throughput in screening applications. Our Radiation Shielding Curtains significantly reduces parcel and baggage jams, which can lead to costly and time-consuming manual screening or intervention. This improved processing efficiency aids in reducing tracking or misread errors, while providing superior radiation protection than that provided by lead-containing curtains.

Anode & Cathode Tube Covers

Brandonite® HGC is also available in a variety of rigid formulations which allows it to be used as an alternative to lead-based components commonly used in C/T, X-Ray, bone densitometry, and mammography equipment.  For example, HGC has been used for anode and cathode ray tube covers used in X-ray applications. This composite solution is proven to provide equal physical, mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties as those of lead.

Nuclear Shielding Components

Our HGC materials are ideal for high-temperature radiation shielding applications such as servicing or replenishing nuclear-powered reactor vessels. These materials are available in a variety of rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible formulations.

Radioisotope Carriers 

RoHS compliant, lead-free Brandonite® HGC materials are ideal for use in radioisotope transport carriers generally used in nuclear medicine. These materials are available in rigid, semi-rigid and flexible variations.

X-Ray Covers, Collimators, & Apertures

We are skilled at the manufacturing of various radiation shielding replacement components for CT, X-Ray, bone density, and mammography scanners. These solutions are designed to provide improved durability, resiliency and service life when compared to traditional lead components.

By transitioning to lead-free components, you can help create a safer workplace and reduce the unnecessary strain on our global environment caused by lead. If that isn’t incentive enough, our radiation shielding material offers unparalleled supply availability, reduced tooling, and superior performance.

Whether you want to replace an entire system or individual components, the engineering team at Globe Composite can create a custom design for you that provides equal or better radiation shielding yet cost-effectively outperforms lead-based solutions.

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