Globe Joins the Battle Against Harmful Microbes, & Illness

By Globe Composite

The Society of Plastics Engineers published a comprehensive article on the use of anti-microbial composite plastics in hospital applications, in their "Plastics Engineering" magazine. Likewise, Globe Composite Solutions has developed a family of high-strength, injection-moldable reinforced thermoplastic materials, Brandonite 9012, for medical and food service use.  The first use of Brandonite® 9012 was to create structural components used in food service conveyance.   

What does food prep have to do with hospital equipment?

Brandonite® 9012 series of material are infused with a unique nanosilver substance where the composite base polymer, nanosilver, and FDA-approved fibers are compounded together without degrading the structural performance of the end-product.  This makes the composite not only immensely strong and durable, but the composite itself is inherently anti-microbial.  The infused silver remains suspended throughout the entirety of the composite material, slowly extracting over a period of time via the surface of the material. 

This built-in anti-microbial agent helps food preparation and transport by warding off any pathogen-causing fungi, mold, yeasts, mildew, algae and other microbes in gears, housings, mixers or other parts that are difficult to clean.  Although this first use is for the food industry, Globe will explore other applications in the hospital and healthcare industry, as described in the October 2013 issue of Plastics Engineering. 

Globe offers Brandonite 9012-AS which provides antimicrobial protection for 2-5 years and the longer lasting Brandonite 9012-LS which lasts up to 10 years.

Is Brandonite 9012 expensive?

Why not use stainless steel or coated aluminum?

Both good questions… In fact Brandonite 9012 is far more cost effective than stainless steel or even coated aluminum when you factor in secondary machining and coating processes.  Stainless steel is just more expensive regardless of how you look at it.   Furthermore, Brandonite is about 70% lighter than stainless steel and 30% lighter than aluminum making it easier to service machinery or less expensive to ship components.  And, the coating on aluminum components can be scratched or chipped, thereby compromising its anti-bacterial or food-safe protection.  

microbe brandonite_prop_comparison_med.jpg

Lastly, since the Brandonite® parts are generally molded as one single piece, there's no painting, welding, bending, tapping or other secondary operations needed after molding.  It will keep its color and aesthetic appearance throughout the life of the part and resists scratches and normal wear and tear as well.

Large or small quantities, small or large sizes.

Globe handles it all. 

Brandonite® parts can be formed into almost any size, from as small as your fingernail up to 10 feet in length and from less than 5 grams to 10,000 grams.  Due to our unique molding processes, Globe can cost-effectively mold small quantities of parts-- even as low as 2,000-2,500 parts.

Globe Composite

Written by Globe Composite

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