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Quickly and Safely Clearing Conveyor Jams

By Globe Composite

Conveyor Jam

With packages of all sizes, shapes, and weights moving along your conveyor system daily, "log jams" are bound to occur. Often employees have to resort to "makeshift" jam break poles, or whatever is within arm's reach, to unjam conveyors. Unfortunately, when employees use these sorts of bent metal makeshift conveyor jam-up tools, safety issues or product damage can often result. Whether your company moves hundreds (or millions) of products each day, product damage or downtime due to these package jams can mean the difference between success and failure for your operation. 

Damaging & Dangerous Makeshift Jam Break Poles

Pole Hook Conveyor Jam At distribution centers and parcel facilities, we’ve found that workers were using makeshift poles made of wire and bent metal to pull apart and unjam packages on conveyor systems. Sometimes the bent metal ends of these poles were welded or fastened in other, less permanent ways—but overall, these tools weren’t easily repairable nor replaceable. These metal poles were taking a lot of wear and tear from daily use, and their faulty design often caused damage to packages as well.

In addition, these conveyor jam break tools weren’t safe for workers either. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports a variety of injuries related to material handling on conveyor systems, including back pain, sprains, cuts, fractures, and amputations. A more permanent and safer solution to the problem was clearly needed.

ShepherdsHook-4.jpgNow, An Ergonomic Solution for Material Handling

Enter Globe's Line of Jam Break Tools, an ergonomic solution created to increase conveyor throughput. The specially contoured head made with high-impact material is designed to reduce damage to the package and take the repetitive stress of daily use.  The head is attached to a specially crafted jam break pole, replacing the makeshift bent metal and wires used in the past.

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Globe's New Jam Break Tools offer Real Solutions

Safer for Packages, Safer for Workers

Often, distribution center handlers use makeshift metal hooks or, worse yet, would resort to using their hands to release a conveyor jam. Globe's conveyor tools allow the handler to safely reach over the conveyor and either push or pull packages as needed to dislodge a jam - decreasing the likelihood of workplace incidents.

Simple To Use, Simple to Replace

When the long-lasting head wears out, it can be easily replaced with a single bolt, so it’s no longer necessary to send it out to be welded or reattached. This durable tool contains three pieces - the head, a single bolt for assembly, and a gripped pole that can be customized in any length.  

Standardized Product Across All Facilities

These quality tools offer a unified solution to address common material handling problems and can be adopted company-wide, rather than rely on workers using a variety of makeshift tools from location-to-location.

Increased Durability

Globe's conveyor tools are more durable than other solutions available. Although it can break with extreme use (such as being run over by a forklift or tug), it’s likely to last for many, many years.  More often than not, the metal pole will need replacing rather than the impact-resistant head.

Specialized Design

Originally designed for use by one of the nation's largest package handlers, the curved head with rounded corners significantly prevents damage to packages as workers unjam conveyors. The light weight of the tools also reduce back and arm strain.


overhead roller jam break toolGlobe's Jam Break Tools are an ergonomic and durable solution, and are part of Globe Composite’s line of ergonomic tools for parcel distribution.  Made with impact-resistant Brandonite® 1000-75D, a proprietary material created by Globe, these specialized tools offer a dramatic improvement over makeshift tools and can take a beating while increasing safety and on-the-job productivity.


Overhead Roller Jam Tool


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