An Introduction to Thermoplastics

By Globe Composite

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Plastics — Used in Every Walk of Life

Plastics, composites, and engineered materials are used for everything from:

  • Packaging to keep food fresh and frozen food free from freezer-burn
  • Construction materials
  • The hulls of aeronautical vehicles
  • Gaskets for HVAC applications
  • Light-weight automobiles
  • Medical devices, prosthetics, and biomed innovations

thermoplastics-Premature-Baby-Incubator.jpgIndeed food would not last as long; cars would burn more gas and have less safety features; planes would have to be made smaller; amputees and accident victims would have less mobility; and the brilliant innovations now being worked on, such as growing new eye retinas or entire new hearts in the laboratory would not possible without engineered plastics and advanced composite materials.  Especially important to the fields of defense, transportation, and medicine, premature infants survival rate would not be what it is today without plastic, antibacterial incubators. 


What Does Globe Composite Solutions Make with Plastics?

thermoplastics gearboxes-metalNcomposite_640x426.jpgGlobe Composite Solutions actually makes composite materials or engineered plastics, materials made from plastics imbued with properties from other materials, like carbon-fiber or nano-silver, to create a new advanced material that is more than mere plastic ever could be alone.  These thermoplastic composite materials can have properties, like far greater tensile strength, stretching up to five-hundred times longer than plain plastic. Composites can be made with properties to ward off germs and infections; unlike simple plastic, composites can be made to be antimicrobial or antibacterial.  

thermoplastics PCA Gasket There's no limit to what can be done with composite materials or engineered thermoplastics.  Globe Composite Solutions can custom create a new, advanced, smart material that is…

  • More cost effective
  • Lower in maintenance
  • Reduces downtime
  • Technologically higher in innovation
  • Better for the environment/more eco-friendly
  • More resilient and durable…

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Written by Globe Composite

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