Walk Underwater With Our Composite Diving Helmet

By Globe Composite

America's Next Top Model (ANTM) -- the popular modeling contest pitting amateur models against each other for a professional modeling contract -- now in its 20th season, has turned to the composite's industry to make the runway evermore death defying.

While in Bali, the models rented dive helmets and dove about 20 feet underwater to walk approximately 12 feet on a seafloor "virtual" runway.  You too can strut on an underwater catwalk or just see some amazing underwater sights with very similar helmets thanks to composites engineering.

Sub Sea Systems'® Dive Helmet, for whom Globe Composite Solutions designed and manufactures the diving helmet shell, used by Sea Trek® Tours basically is the same kind of helmet as seen on  ANTM.

The helmet is designed to continuously pump in air without the wearer having to use a snorkel or other breathing mask and to provide an unobstructed view of the sea life and floor. See Sea Trek® helmets in action

And, they hold the air very well.  No diving or snorkeling or underwater experience required, participants merely walk along the ocean floor. With a clear view through the transparent diving helmet, it's perfect for photography or underwater sightseeing.

Underwater tours can be taken right here in the U.S. -- in places like Discovery Cove and the Miami Seaquarium in Florida, as well as Texas, California, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico -- or as far away as Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Asia.

In the U.S. tour prices range from $30 to $100 depending on location, season, and length.  Tours can be kept at such affordable prices because Globe Composite's Sub Sea helmets are so cost-effective to produce.  Once requiring over 40 hours of hand labor to produce fiberglass helmets, now these parts can be made by simply pouring Globe’s Brandonite® 1100-80D into a mold to create the finished part.  And, these durable helmets are scratch resistant and far more resilient than predecessor models –-- making it ideal for resort vacation adventures.


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