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Design to Production, Globe Does It All

Pressurized cap for submersible electronic applications

HGC Anode Radiation Shielding

Airline Baggage Push Paddle Diverters

Chlorine Generator Base

tilt-tray sorter for post and parcels

Concept to Production, Globe Does It All

From design to prototype to manufacturing, Globe's team offers full service engineering, tooling, prototyping, and manufacturing all under one roof.

We Don't Sell Materials; We Provide Solutions

From thermosets to thermoplastics to epoxies to rubber, Globe has a variety of tooling and manufacturing processes to deliver the solution perfectly suited for your product challenge.

Advanced New Materials only from Globe

Proprietary, patented, one-of-a-kind materials

Globe can research and/or develop the perfect material for your application, just like our patented high-gravity composites -- perfect for radiation shielding.

Simple or Complex Tooling: Any Size, Any Geometry

Globe's full-service machine shop can manufacture molds quickly and cost-effectively.

Want Longer Lasting Parts? Globe Can Help

Replacement part costs skyrocketing? Supplier gone out of business? OEM stopped supporting your equipment? We can replace your existing metal, plastic and rubber parts with Brandonite® composites, saving you money and extending equipment life.

Improve Performance & Reduce Cost with Composites

Save money, reduce maintenance and life cycle costs

Let Globe engineers show you how you can save money by replacing metallic and plastic components with Brandonite® composite materials.

Using state-of-the-art drawing and simulation software, Globe Composite's engineers will expertly design the perfect composite solution for your application, transforming your part into the perfect composite component.

Globe's chemists test hundreds of materials on a daily basis. Rest assured, we can test and select the appropriate advanced material for your application.  We use many different materials, some of which are even developed, created, and patented by Globe -- materials you can't find anywhere else.

Globe's prototypes and molds are all made with injection-molding. We can rapidly prototype any part, large or small. Since it's all done in-house, we can produce parts faster and more cost effectively than most of the competition, as many outsource the process.

Just like our stacks of impellers pictured above, Globe can make any part -- large or small -- in any almost any quantity. With our unique molding processes, production is completely flexible and scalable. The parts all come out exactly alike with no secondary tooling or finishing required.