Globe’s Drop-in Replacement for
the Sandvik Diverter Paddle

Sandvik diverter arm replacement

Back in 2012 one of the major parcel delivery services ran a side by side test of the Sandvik Diverter Paddle vs. Globe’s re-engineered Diverter Paddle.

The test ran for a year until the Sandvik paddle failed. 
Globe’s paddle pictured below is still running today 9 years later.
Currently, over 400 paddles are in service without issue.





How did we do this?

• We re-engineered the attachment arm with a double gusset, that goes all the way from the point of attachment to the crank arm. (No More Weld Repairs!)

• The Paddle material was formulated to handle the abusive application. It just takes a beating without breaking or cracking!

Is this a repair you make?


Globe’s double gusset design solution

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