Replacement Wheels for Air Cargo Roller Beds

Globe has extensive experience upgrading wheels used in parcel and distribution facilities. We’ve benefited our clients the most by using their maintenance experiences to re-engineer problematic components and assemblies. Using our composite polymers along with better component designs we can improve the performance of wheels used in air cargo transport beds, and reduce their overall maintenance costs. traditional air cargo roller bed wheel

Current wheels used in air cargo transport beds are in frequent need of repair, typically due to wheel/bearing issues (see photo on right). Globe has evaluated a number of roller bed wheels to determine the optimal way to design and manufacture better and more durable wheels. Globe has noted the major failure points of many air cargo roller wheels, are related to the design and materials used in traditional bearings, as well as the material used in the wheel itself.

Globe's team of engineers have developed new concepts in composite design to solve these issues. Globe utilizes a proprietary process for creating longer lasting cargo roller bed wheels and bearings, that fits most systems. Contact us to discuss how we can improve results of your Material Handling wheels and bearings.