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    shepherds-hook-sample.jpgSafe, Durable Conveyor Jam Break Poles

    When your company is responsible for the movement of millions of packages a year, operational inefficiencies and downtime can mean the difference between success and failure. Our Jam Break Tool product line is specially designed as a safe and sturdy alternative to "makeshift" jam pole products commonly used in parcel facilities, airports, fulfillment centers and distribution centers across the world.


    6 Reasons to Purchase Globe Jam Break Poles:

    1. 1. Safer for Workers: Allows handlers to safely reach over the conveyor and either push or pull to dislodge a box  jam - decreasing the likelihood of workplace incidents.

    2. Reduced Package Damage: Designed for use by one of the largest material handlers in the world, the rounded head of the jam break tool prevents damage to packages, boxes, baggages or parcel items. 

    3. Increased Durability: Globe's Jam Break Tools are the most durable solution available and offers years of uninterrupted use. 

    4. Three Different Models to Meet Any Application: Globe offers three models to fit any material handling job-- large package jam break tool, small package jam break tool and one specifically designed for roller conveyors.

    5. Simple to Repair/Replace: The durable, rounded elastomeric head is easily replaced, meaning it’s no longer necessary to send out components to be welded or reattached.

    6. Product Standardization Means Volume Discounts: As one unified solution to material handling problems, companywide adoption eliminates the existence of a variety of makeshift tools and allows you to get volume pricing discounts.

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