Carbon Fiber Composite Screw

Learn How We Created A Small Part for a Big Problem!

Carbon Fiber composite ScrewIn the day-to-day operations of a CT/PET/PT scanner operator, several different components are often altered, adjusted, and removed to accommodate patient needs. Unfortunately, during this process, the screws and fasteners used in the machine could be dropped onto or into the bed of the scanner causing damage to the scans and even the machines themselves.

Our client came to Globe Composite to develop a solution that was cost-effective, non-magnetic, and meets the most stringent of performance requirements. Thus, the Carbon Fiber Composite Screw for CT/PET/PT Scanners was born.

In this case study you will find the following:

  • Our Process: How We Went from Problem to Solution
  • Carbon-Fiber Screw + Brandonite 9211-CF Specifications
  • Why Globe Composite is the Best Choice for Your Manufacturing & Development Needs

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