Flexible, High Strength, & High Elasticity Material
Brandonite® 1200 - 60A Data Sheet 

Flexible-High-Strength--High-Elasticity-Material.jpgOriginally created to improve the performance of U.S. Navy missile tube muzzle hatches, Brandonite® 1200-60A is a liquid castable material that combines the properties of high tensile strength, superior elongation, and outstanding elasticity.

This flexible, high strength, & high elasticty material is also excels in a range of non-submersible applications such as vibration and shock mounts, custom-molded shapes, and more! 

Download our flexible, high strength, & high elasticity material data sheet to discover: 

  • Physical & Mechanical Properties of Brandonite® 1200-60A
  • Comparison of Brandonite® vs. Buna-N Rubber
  • Agricultural, Marine, & Submersible Applications 


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