Airport Boarding Ramps /Jet Bridge Adapters

Composite Boarding Ramps- Light, Tough, Safe
L4_P_JetBridge Built with a special honeycomb composite material that can withstand loads up to 400 lbs. per square inch, Globe’s new line of boarding ramps are 40% lighter than even aluminum ramps and will not scratch or damage either the aircraft or jet-way.

These boarding ramps use non-skid material and is accented at the edges with glow-in-the-dark stripes to enhance passenger safety.

These ramps / jet bridge adapters are also easier to move and locate, making it safer for ramp personnel to use. In fact, there are no sharp edges to tear clothing or cause injuries. You will quickly improve ramp personnel morale and passenger safety by using composite ramps. And, Globe can custom design and manufacture boarding ramps in any size or quantity.

Airport Safety Challenge
A major US airline had a real headache in the maintenance and safety of its jet bridges and ramps, namely from “slip and fall” type injury claims as well as corrosion to the jet bridge understructure.

Numerous ongoing attempts to address these issues by using rubber mats, anti-slip coatings and marine-type plywood were unsuccessful, costly and temporary. Additionally, these efforts were not stopping expensive injury claims.

Durable Solution
The airline’s on-site maintenance personnel replaced the ramp areas, transition ramps and jet way flooring with Globe panels made with Brandonite® X-6711-EG. This lightweight material was easy to install and easily outperforms and outlasts other alternatives while providing a permanent, superior non-skid surface. Since installation, there have been no reports of claims or complaints, even during one of the most harsh winters in history. Now, the airline is testing Globe’s non-skid replacement stair treads for its jet bridges to help reduce injuries to ramp personnel as well.

Additional Flooring Applications
Globe can create custom flooring for Airports solutions, to match any need.

  • Permanent, Non-Slip Surface
  • Corrosion Resistant to Deicing Fluid and Salt
  • Lightweight, Easy to Install
  • Low Maintenance 
  • Available in a variety of colors

Flooring can be used for:

  • Jet Way Flooring
  • Passenger Ramps & Walkways  
  • Loading Ramps
  • Outside Loading Areas
  • Deicing Stations

Airport Boarding Ramp /Jet Bridge Adapter Airport Flooring

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