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Components for Defense, Submarine, UUV & AUV Applications 

Globe Composite is committed to evaluating, designing, and manufacturing components for a variety of Defense and different level submersible applications. Globe Composite has been manufacturing a variety of gaskets for the U.S. Navy since 1997. 

Globe has constructed a dedicated clean-room facility to perform the testing and production of high tolerance, submersible-related components. Additionally, Globe Composite has a fully-equipped Quality Control Lab that assesses critical performance measurement requirements, including tolerances and processes, in relation to material and manufacturing. This lab allows our facility and team to serve as a reference laboratory for many of our submersible clients.

We have an exceptional level of submersibles experience, ranging from designing to production, and all of the critical testing in between.

How We Help:

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Hydrolytic Stability
  • Structural Integrity at Extreme Depths
  • Sealing Properties
  • Impact & Shock Resistant

Nuclear Submarine High Strength Gaskets
Our Durable, Yet Flexible High-Strength Gaskets for Critical Military Systems

When failure means millions of dollars worth of damage, how do you find a solution to your flawed components? Through composites-that’s how. As a major concern to the nuclear submarine fleet, these failing parts would degrade over time causing them to lose the standard needed to meet physical and dimensional requirements.

Globe Composite manufactures gaskets for the U.S. Navy using a specially developed thermoset elastomer named Brandonite® 1200-60A. This flexible, high strength & highly elasticity material was created by Globe Composite to combine:

  • High tensile strength and outstanding elasticity
  • Superior resistance to abrasion and tear
  • Excellent energy absorption
  • Low creep and compression set properties
  • High resistance to seawater, oils, chemicals, and UV degradation

Globe Composite developed high-strength gaskets to replace fraying and underperforming missile tube muzzle hatch gaskets made with Buna-N. We formulated a liquid castable, high-strength material that was durable, yet flexible enough to conform to the hatch shape, while assuring a tight-fitting seal at various operating depths.

Download our case study to find out:

  • Our Process: How We Went from Problem to Solution
  • Why We Chose Brandonite®1200-60A
  • Potential Applications



air-handling-ducting Air Handling Ducting

Globe makes high-tolerance, durable, and flexible air duct systems for the most demanding applications. We can reinforce these flexible ducts with rings made from aluminum or steel to prevent compression. These ducts can be made from a wide variety of materials, ranging from N-buna rubber to high-strength urethanes.

How tough are these duct systems? Globe provides critical air handling components on all Virginia-class submarines.


Transducer-Cover-&-Base-PlatesTransducer Covers

We can design and fabricate acoustically transparent covers and metallic/non-metallic hydrophone and transducer baseplates for submersible applications. Our transducer covers can be coated with special anti-fouling materials.


hull-window Acoustic Hull Windows

We can design and manufacture acoustic-transparent hull covers (“windows”) used for oceanographic research. These windows can be made up to 16 feet long and 4 feet wide.





Antennae Housings

A large defense contractor contacted Globe about making a durable antennae housing using its advanced, impact-resistant elastomeric materials.


Non-Toxic Lead Ballast Replacement Materials

Globe’s patented, non-toxic, high-density material, called HGC (high-gravity composite), replaces lead in a variety of applications, including ballast for autonomous, semi-autonomous, or towed underwater vehicles and arrays.

Made with Brandonite® liquid-castable, polymer-metal composites, these parts can be molded into net-shape, thereby eliminating expensive tooling and costly secondary machining operations.  Since this material is RoHS compliant, molders can avoid special handling, documentation and waste disposal typically associated with lead-based products.

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When compared to other composites manufacturers, Globe Composite is truly an "American-Made" company, with virtually all of our design, tooling, prototyping, and production services supported in-house at our state-of-the art design & technology center.

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