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New Logistics and Fulfillment Center

By Globe Composite

Globe Composite Solutions, a leading full-service provider of engineered composite products for defense and industrial applications, is pleased to announce the opening of its new Logistics and Fulfillment Center (LFC) in Avon MA.  This newly renovated 30,000 square foot facility will provide warehousing, staging, secondary assembly and just-in-time delivery support for its growing customer base.  

“Globe’s new LFC is a reflection of our company’s continuous growth along with our ability to anticipate and meet our customers’ diverse fulfillment needs.” said Mike Dyson, Globe Composite’s President and COO. “Locating a facility that is close to our design & technology center in Stoughton significantly increases our responsiveness to customers’ evolving product requirements”, he added.


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Globe Composite

Written by Globe Composite

Globe Composite Solutions is a full-service, ISO 9001:2015 certified, Design-to-Manufacturing company. Globe provides design, material and process expertise to create composite-based solutions for their Defense, Submersible, Marine, Material Handling, and Industrial customers, allowing them to more effectively accomplish their mission.