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Recap: MODEX 2018

By Globe Composite

modex2018The Globe Composite team was in Atlanta for MODEX 2018, held April 9-12, 2018 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. The MODEX 2018 Material Handling Expo provided attendees access to the latest manufacturing and supply chain equipment and technologies. The show featured over 900 exhibitors from industry, commerce and government, who displayed their supply chain solutions and innovations on the 280,000 square foot show floor.

 NextShift Robotics TM-100

Modex focused on automated methods for both inventory management and packaging of that inventory, for delivery to the end user in record times, and at the lowest possible cost. As expected therefore, the latest technology was on hand, and the expo had many examples of automation, IoT, bid data, and robotic systems for use in warehouse environments.

There were so many great new innovations, that it is really not practical to list them all. Let's just say that everyone was there and MODEX is a show that everyone in the industry should attend. That being said, the towering AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor® was hard to miss, as was the impressive precision of the robotic juggler at the Lenze booth.

NextShift Robotics presented their new warehouse robotics system, which uses an independent robot/independent worker approach to expedite order picking and fulfillment. Their TM-100 robot easily integrates with current infrastructure and metal racks, as it removes individual tote bins from your existing shelves.

Bleum Robotics introduced their first two robot models for use in warehouses.  Bleum's Regular and Heavy Duty Warehouse Robots join the growing collection of robotic options designed to lift an entire shelf of products, and transport the shelf to the shipping team.

 We are looking forward to the PROMAT 2019 show next year, for another look at the latest in Material Handling technology. 



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