What Is A Composite Material?

what is a composite materialBrandonite®, our broad family of high performance composite polymers, is designed to replace metals, plastic, or rubber. Our material formulation experts can custom blend the polymers to create a composite that will perfectly meet your product’s unique requirements, guaranteeing that your part will perform as expected, each and every time.

Tough As Steel or Softer Than Rubber  
What is a composite material, you may ask? Our family of high-performance composite polymers can be made of thermoset, thermoplastic, epoxy or rubber base materials. We have the ability to dramatically change the final product’s range of performance characteristics by introducing additives such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, S-glass, glass/plastic microspheres, and even metallic powders.
Decreased Tooling Costs  
To avoid the lengthy turnaround time and costly mold making charges usually found with other composite companies, Globe Composite uses a variety of low-cost tooling methods to produce parts made of Brandonite®.
Hedge Against Future Price Increases  

what is a composite materialSince May 2009, steel prices have rapidly increased over 50%, while the cost of Brandonite®  materials only increased a minor 1.3%. Proactively protect yourself against future price increases that many steel and other oil-based products are subject to with our materials made from natural gas feedstock.


Rapid Prototyping  

The formulation and molding processes we use for Brandonite®-based solutions allow us to quickly deliver cost-effective, fully functional prototypes. Now, you have the ability to test a parts fitness in their natural environment, while saving valuable time.

Better for Our Planet  

Based on an independent study, composite materials consume half as many natural resources and energy during production than aluminum or steel. The Brandonite® molding process allows us to use less energy and generate less waste, creating a carbon footprint that is 60% less than traditional castings and machining methods used for aluminum or steel components.

The vast majority of our Brandonite® materials are either recyclable or reclaimable for other uses, making Globe Composite the right choice for an environmentally better planet.

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