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Submersible Parts

The team at Globe Composite can design and produce a wide variety of submersible components from all or mostly composite-based materials. We can custom blend these materials to exactly meet your product’s specific requirements, so you can rest assured that your part will perform as expected- each and every time. 

Air Handling Ducting

Globe makes high-tolerance, durable, and flexible air duct systems for the most demanding applications. We can reinforce these flexible ducts with rings made from aluminum or steel to prevent compression. These ducts can be made from a wide variety of materials, ranging from N-buna rubber to high-strength urethanes.

How tough are these duct systems? Globe provides critical air handling components on all Virginia-class submarines.


Conductivity / Temperature Sensor

We were contacted by submersible sensor technology company to produce a high-precision conductivity & temperature (CT) sensor. The body on the current model consisted of three pieces machined out of solid blocks of PEEK. The sensor had to be precisely inserted and oriented into the body to assure optimal operation. Globe designed and produced a two-piece sensor body that eliminated virtually all secondary machining and assembly steps yet allowed for the perfect placement of the sensor in the body. The customer was able to save over 50% in machining and assembly costs.

Masts and Electronic Packaging

A major submersible OEM approached Globe about making a new GPS and antennae mast for one of its models. This involved a three-step process: cast the antennae body, insert the electronics package into the mast body and then over-mold a cover to completely seal the cables and electronic sensors. Globe designed a unique molding approach that was able to assure precise placement of the electronics package and minimized potential scrap associated with incorrectly encapsulating the wiring and electronics, thereby saving rework and improving the overall hydrodynamics and performance of the mast unit.


Transducer Covers

We can design and fabricate acoustically transparent covers and metallic/non-metallic hydrophone and transducer baseplates for submersible applications. Our transducer covers can be coated with special anti-fouling materials.

Precision Gaskets & Seals

Globe has developed a new family of super high-strength compliant material that is ideal for demanding gasket and sealing applications. This material will not take a “set,” and yields a tensile strength of 4,500 PSI while having a fairly low durometer, 60A. This material can be bonded onto a variety of materials, including 316 stainless steel and titanium.

How tough and reliable is this material? It is used as the gaskets for missile hatches on all US Navy submarines.



Vibration-Absorbing Isolation Mounts & Thrust Bearings

Globe can design and manufacture isolation mounts and vibration dampeners for a variety of applications using our advanced, low-durometer, high-strength dampening materials. These dampeners can be bonded to metallic and non-metallic attachment structures or casements such as stainless steel or titanium.

Mooring and Tethering Systems

Globe can design and fabricate tethers and mooring system components using our proprietary high-strength elastomeric materials that are ideally suited for the stress and strain associated with commercial mooring systems.

Monitoring Buoys and Pressure Cover Case.jpg

Monitoring Buoys and Pressure Cases

Mooring-and-Tethering-Systems.jpgReplacing stainless steel, Globe Composite manufactures instrumentation cases using impact resistant, rust-proof materials that provide years of indestructible subsea use. This all-composite pressure cases can be made in a variety of sizes to accommodate electronic packages and power sources.

Adhesives & Coatings

Our chemists excel at developing materials and treatment processes to bond composites to non-metallic substrates such as UHMW and Nylon. Globe Composite routinely bonds urethanes and other composite materials to a variety of metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium.


Acoustic Hull Windows

We can design and manufacture acoustic-transparent hull covers (“windows”) used for oceanographic research. These windows can be made up to 16 feet long and 4 feet wide.

Antennae Housings

A large defense contractor contacted Globe about making a durable antennae housing using its advanced, impact-resistant elastomeric materials.


High Speed Actuators  

Our materials are ideally suited for repetitive activation cycle controls such as those used for conveyor actuators. These parts can generally cast as one piece, thereby allowing the customer to potentially consolidate parts into one single piece and eliminate the need for secondary machining operations.

Non-Toxic Lead Ballast Replacement Materials

Globe’s patented, non-toxic, high-density material, called HGC (high-gravity composite), replaces lead in a variety of applications, including ballast for autonomous, semi-autonomous, or towed underwater vehicles and arrays.

Made with Brandonite® liquid-castable, polymer-metal composites, these parts can be molded into net-shape, thereby eliminating expensive tooling and costly secondary machining operations.  Since this material is RoHS compliant, molders can avoid special handling, documentation and waste disposal typically associated with lead-based products.

Other Submersible Applications


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  • NAVSEA | US NAVY | LOCKHEED MARTIN | Huntington Ingalls Newport News Shipbuilding | Sandia National Laboratories