Radiation Shielding Parts

Globe has developed a family of lead-free radiation shielding materials that are used to produce radiation shielding components for a variety of medical, security, explosive detection and nuclear medicine applications. We can custom formulate material to meet your specific radiation shielding requirements, so you can rest assured that your part will perform as expected- each and every time. 

Low Friction, Lead Free Radiation Shielding Curtains

Globe's radiation shielding curtains use our patented lead-free High Gravity Composite (HGC) material that yields a low-friction, non-toxic, durable, recyclable radiation shielding product that significantly increases the throughput of all types of baggage and parcels through Explosive Detection (EDS) and X-Ray screening systems used at airports, parcel/cargo facilities and government buildings.

We design curtains that can be used for new equipment installations or retrofit existing systems to improve performance, reduce jams, and lower operating costs. Radiation shielding curtains can be made in various flexibilities, lead-equivalencies and thicknesses to meet your specific screening application. Typical lead-equivalencies range from 0.25 to 0.50 mm and curtain thicknesses from 0.64 mm (0.25”) to 2.03 mm (0.080”).

Globe's radiation shielding curtains are in use at airports and parcel distribution centers throughout the world. Learn More

Radiation Curtains



Modular Shielding Tunnels (MST©)

Globe’s MST© line of modular shielding tunnels can easily be added to most EDS or X-Ray systems to meet your specific baggage or package screening requirement. We've designed the tunnel to sit conveniently on top of existing conveyor systems to reduce installation or retrofit costs. 

Each modular tunnel comes in either 762 mm (30”) or 1000 mm (39.4”) lengths and can be configured to house up to 3 sets of Globe’s low-friction HGC curtains. The tunnel opening is 940 mm (37”) wide and 787 mm (31”) tall.

Custom sizes can be designed and fabricated for your specific requirements. > Learn More


Ideal for Baggage & Parcel/Package Applications:

  • Installs on top of existing conveyors
  • Modules can be easily bolted together
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • 3 quick-mount curtain racks
  • Uses HGC low-friction, lead-free curtains


  • Left-hand or right-hand operation
  • Optional doors, windows and LED lighting
  • Easily attaches to most OEM EDS units
  • Custom sizes available

When combined with Globe’s low-friction Radiation Shielding Curtains, you can customize your system to improve throughput, reduce jams, and lower operating costs.

Anode & Cathode Tube Covers

Brandonite® HGC is a cost-effective polymer-metal composite that has been developed to replace lead and lead-encapsulated epoxy for anode and cathode ray tube covers in x-ray applications. Brandonite® HGC is available in densities ranging from 2.6 g/cc to 5.7 g/cc and can provide equivalent x-ray shielding properties to lead or litharge while possessing essentially the same physical, mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties.

HGC Anode Cover

Radioisotope Carriers

Globe’s lead-free Brandonite® HGC materials are ideal for manufacturing radioisotope transport carriers generally used in nuclear medicine. These materials are available in rigid, semi-rigid and flexible variations.

X-Ray Covers, Collimators & Apertures

Globe can design and manufacture various radiation shielding components for C/T scanners, X-Ray machines, Explosive Detection Systems (EDS), bone density and mammography scanners. These components improve durability, resiliency and service life since traditional lead components easily wear and deform. Ideal replacement components include tube covers, collimators, apertures and EDM carriers, and modules.


Structural HGC Components

 We make composite materials that are ideal for lightweight, durable and resilient equipment housings for diagnostic and treatment equipment.

High-Temperature Nuclear Shielding

Globe's high-temperature, lead-free Brandonite® HGC materials is ideal for radiation shielding applications typically used in servicing or replenishing nuclear-powered reactor vessels. These materials are available in rigid, semi-rigid and flexible variations.

Other Radiation Shielding Applications


  • Raytheon | Southwest | American Airlines | GE | DELTA
  • NAVSEA | US NAVY | LOCKHEED MARTIN | Huntington Ingalls Newport News Shipbuilding | Sandia National Laboratories