RoHS Compliant Low-Friction, Non-Toxic, & Durable Replacement for Lead


Our Patented Brandonite® HGC is a new cost-effective polymer-metal composite that has been developed to seamlessly replace lead, lead-encapsulated epoxy, and other alternative radiation shielding materials. HGC, an acronym for "High Gravity Composite," can match the radiation shielding properties of materials that contain lead and has an extreme density (2g/cm³ to 11g/cm³). This innovative industry solution can be mixed with a variety of materials, radically altering its physical properties to suit your application needs.

When compared to traditional lead materials, our family of patented HGCs offer:

  • 55% Lower Friction Coefficient
  • 3x Better Abrasion Resistance
  • 2.5x Better Tensile Strength
  • 18x Better Elongation
  • 50% Better Tear Strength
  • 4x-5x Longer Life
  • Equal Radiation Protection

Brandonite® HGC is available in a range of densities, flexibilities, and hardnesses to meet many different applications including radiation shielding curtains, anode & cathode tube covers, radioisotope carriers, and more. 


Discover The Benefits of Going Lead-Free:

radiation_2-1.jpgEnvironmentally Friendly - Unlike lead, our fully RoHS compliant Brandonite® HGC composites are nontoxic while still meeting demanding physical requirements through the utilization of polymers, metallic fillers, and non-metallic fillers.  Essentially inert chemically, this new material poses no toxic or ecological threat, therefore it can be successfully and safely disposed at the end of a product’s life cycle. Additionally, the use of this non-toxic material may also allow our customers to establish or reinforce brand positioning as an environmentally-friendly manufacturer.

Cost-Saving Alternative - Brandonite® HGC is generally available at lower costs when compared with alternative high-gravity materials, providing an effective defense against recent lead and litharge price increases.  Offered in a broad spectrum of densities, ranging from 2.6 g/cc to 5.7 g/cc, this material can be customized to match a specific product application. Now, you can easily avoid instances where lead or lead-derivatives exceed the amount of shielding or weight requirements, which have the potential to create unnecessary expenses.

Material Availability - Formulated using a wide variety of commercial available materials from primary and secondary sources, manufacturers can rely on a consistent and uninterrupted material supply. The presence of multiple suppliers allows us to aggressively negotiate costs, thereby ensuring you’ll receive the lowest possible price for components.

Design Flexibility - Using our conventional liquid casting equipment, manufacturers who choose Globe Composite experience improved design flexibility that significantly reduces or eliminates costly secondary machining operations. This material can be made in almost any geometry or part size to incorporate many features and functions into a single part.

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