Non-Lead Radiation Protection for X-Ray Scanning in Airports, Material Handling Facilities, & More!

Nearly 1,000,000 workers are potentially exposed to lead each year. Are you willing to take that risk?


Despite the declining popularity of lead-based materials, RoHS compliant products are still not universal in the workplace. Incidents of exposure can occur during the production, use, maintenance, and disposal of materials and products containing lead. When it comes to radiation shielding curtains used in X-Ray Scanners and Explosive Detection Systems (EDS), the traditional solution contains lead, frays easily, is difficult to maintain, and contributes to inefficient jams. 

As a solution to a repeated industry issue, Globe Composite has patented a low-friction, durable, RoHS Compliant Radiation Shielding Curtain designed to significantly increase the throughput of baggage and parcels:

  • 55% Lower Friction Coefficient
  • 3x Better Abrasion Resistance
  • 2.5x Better Tensile Strength
  • 18x Better Elongation
  • 50% Better Tear Strength
  • 4-5x Longer Life 

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Discover How RoHS Compliant Radiation Shielding Curtains Can Benefit Your Operations: 

Safer, Lead Free Workplace  

Unlike lead-vinyl or lead-rubber curtains, our RoHS Compliant Radiation Shields Curtains provide a safer alternative to traditional protection equipment. By choosing a lead-free solution, you can confidently eliminate any chance of toxic lead dust being left being on baggages, parcels, technicians, or EDS systems. 

Not only are our curtains safer to service and maintain, but they can also be easily disposed of making them the environmentally-responsible choice

Lower Total Cost of Ownership  

Because our RoHS Compliant Radiation Shielding Curtains are built to last, you can count on a lower total cost of ownership:

  • The design of our unique curtains can be molded into just about any shape or size, avoiding costly cutting and secondary assembly steps
  • Unlike traditional curtains, our patented material stands up to wear and tear meaning lower maintenance costs over time
  • Our simple mounting configurations makes any necessary repairs or replacements a much less time and cost consuming task for technicians
  • The low-friction characteristic of this material greatly decreases the costs associated to tracking errors and parcel jams
  • Going lead-free means you can eliminate the cost of hazardous material disposal, paperwork, and special handling
Reduced Parcel Jams  

Significantly increase the throughput of all types of baggage and parcels with our low-friction, durable radiation shielding material. These unique curtains have a lower coefficient of friction that stays consistent and reduces drag, even in the occurrence of wear and tear. 

Not only do our RoHS Compliant Radiation Shielding Curtains create less resistance than vinyl and lead products, but they also decrease tracking and misread errors to boost operational performance.   

Performance-Driven Design  

Traditional radiation shielding curtains are made up of a layer of skrim, a layer of lead, and a layer of teflon coating formed as individual strips. When these layers break apart over time, there is a chance of lead exposure and time-consuming maintenance is required. 

Our lead-free curtains are a single molded, homogeneous sheet with all slats tied together. This is not only a plus in regards to efficiency and easy mounting, but it also makes this product superior in terms of safety, customization, and economical budgeting.  

Custom & Retrofit Solutions  

RoHS Compliant Radiation Shielding Curtains can be made in various flexibilities, lead-equivalencies* and thicknesses to meet your specific screening equipment or application. In addition, we can mold these lead-free curtains into just about any shape and size which allows you to avoid costly cutting and secondary assembly steps.  

*Typical lead-equivalencies range from 0.25 to 0.50mm and curtain thicknesses from 0.64 mm (0.25”) to 2.03 mm (0.080”).

Why Replace? Just Upgrade!

Already have an existing system in place that isn’t meeting your performance needs? Is it too expensive to completely replace the entire unit?  Our specialized engineers can work with you to provide customized upgrade kits to improve the performance of your existing system at a fraction of the cost for a new system.  



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