Globe Marine Announces Gaskets & O-Rings for Run-Dry® Impeller Product Line

By Globe Composite

Rockland MA, April 9, 2014 — Globe Marine, a leading provider of high-performance Run-Dry® pump impellers announced today that it will begin offering gaskets and O-rings for 35 of its most popular impeller models.  This allows repair technicians and customers to easily replace impellers without the fear of damaging or losing original gaskets and O-rings, eliminating the time and hassle of finding and purchasing replacement gaskets or O-rings. 

Additionally, the company will be offering new see-through packaging to allow customers to see the gaskets and O-rings without removing them from the package. These new packages will have both metric and English measurement information, an expanded manufacturer cross-reference list as well as a QR code which can be scanned by most smartphones or tablets to provide more product information at point-of-sale.

Run-Dry® impellers are the only flexible impellers in the world guaranteed to run-dry for up to 15 minutes.  Globe offers impellers in a variety of durable self-lubricating materials for water and diesel fuel transfer as well as FDA-approved applications. Globe makes 88 models of impellers designed for pump, engine and impeller manufacturers worldwide.  Globe Marine’s website ( allows users to search and select the appropriate impeller by using the most comprehensive cross-reference search tool available.

“We listened to our distributors, dealers, technicians and customers who told us that including gaskets and O-rings along with our world-class Run-Dry® impellers clearly positions Globe Marine as a leading provider of replacement impellers,” said Carl W. Forsythe, President and CEO. “We are really excited about this long-anticipated change for Run-Dry® impellers,” said John Dillon, branch manager for Marysville Marine, a large Midwest-based distributor of marine products. “This will significantly streamline the selection, purchase and installation process for us and our customers.  It is a win-win for all,” he added.

In addition to Run-Dry® impellers, Globe Marine offers DRIVESAVER® flexible couplings which reduces vibration, absorbs shock, eliminates electrolysis, and acts like a circuit-breaker in the event of the propeller hitting an obstruction.  Globe offers 59 DRIVESAVER® models that are compatible with over 20 engine and transmission manufacturers worldwide.

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GCSmarine_icon250x150.jpgGlobe Marine is a division of Globe Composite Solutions, Ltd. (, a privately held designer and manufacturer of composite products utilizing advanced materials and processes. All marine products are made in the USA.  Originally founded in 1890, Globe provides turnkey research, design and manufacturing services for industrial, medical, material handling, oil field equipment and military applications. The company holds numerous patents and patents pending related to composite materials and products.

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