Globe Speaks With "Composites Weekly" On Advanced Materials

By Globe Composite

Globe Composite Solutions' own engineer, Brian Evans, recently spoke with Jonathan Taylor from Composites Weekly magazine -- the plastics industry's foremost leading podcast on engineered composites, plastics, and advanced materials -- in their weekly interview.

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Learn how Globe Composite Solutions' engineered composites and advanced materials can help save you:



advanced materials



advanced materials

Maintenance Costs & Downtime

advanced materials


Aesthetics & Environmental Concerns

advanced materials

With our one-of-a-kind, proprietary injection molding processes and patented composites formulas, Globe Composite Solutions can research, design, and produce parts or replacement parts that will be more durable, more reliable, and more cost-effective than your original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Globe Composite Solutions Patented Formulas & Advanced Materials

Lastly, with Globe Composite's patented composites formulas and adeptness at researching and developing new advanced materials, we can create:

  • New smart materials
  • Nano-particle infused material
  • Additive manufacturing / 3D printing materials…

…That enhances your part's longevity and effectiveness. 

For example, we can make your part anti-bacterial / anti-microbial by infusing it with nano-silver or make your part self-lubricating by infusing it with advanced oils and lubricants.  Thus, making your parts last longer and wear less over time for years to come.

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Listen to Globe Composite Solutions' engineer, Brian Evans, review all of the above mentioned Globe Composite strengths and summarize our products:

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Globe Composite Solutions is a full-service, ISO 9001:2015 certified, Design-to-Manufacturing company. Globe provides design, material and process expertise to create composite-based solutions for their Defense, Submersible, Marine, Material Handling, and Industrial customers, allowing them to more effectively accomplish their mission.

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