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Material Handling Parts

The team at Globe Composite can design and produce a wide variety of material handling equipment from all or mostly composite-based materials. We can custom blend these materials to exactly meet your product’s specific requirements, so you can rest assured that your part will perform as expected- each and every time. 

See our wide range of Material Handling parts, featuring: Tilt-Tray Sorter partsUrethane Wheels, Jam Break tools, and our patented ShaftKeeper to recondition and repair conveyor side frames.

Composite Tilt-Tray Sorter Components for Parcel Carriers

Extend the life of your sortation equipment by replacing metal, rubber, or plastic parts with Brandonite®, including carriages, tracks, chains, wheels, and tip-up actuation devices.

Material Handling - Composite Components
Material Handling - Transport Component

Durable Tilt-Tray Sorter Carriage

This lightweight ENDURO-STS™ carriage is an extremely reliable transport mechanism that is quiet and long-lasting. These carriages weigh less than half the weight of traditional metallic carriages. The ENDURO-STS™ is the first product utilizing our new MFC (Maintenance Friendly Components) system, yielding mechanic-friendly components. Maintenance personnel can easily service carriages on site and replace parts with little more than a screwdriver or adjustable wrench. These carriages have been operating on a daily basis for over three years under the most adverse conditions without any need for maintenance or adjustment.

All-Composite Diverter Arms  

As the product of choice for major parcel companies, our All-Composite Diverter Arms have been tested, without any sign of wear or fatigue, for over two million cycles. Our product for pusher-paddle systems last longer and weigh less than traditional aluminum or plastic diverter arms.

Material Handling - Composite Diverter Arm
Material Handling - Replacement Wheels & Rollers

Replacement Wheels & Rollers

Replace wheels for even the most demanding applications, including DCV sync wheels, pallet jack rollers, or sorter wheels. Our unique molding and finishing process ensures that the wheels are almost perfectly concentric and balanced for long-lasting, vibration-free use.

Jam Break Tools  

Unjam parcels and keep packages moving using our long-lasting composite-based Jam Break Tools. We offer three different models to handle heavy duty packages, lighter packages and roller conveyors as well. These products give you the reach and traction you need to quickly and safely remove packages without damaging them.  

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Material Handling - Jam Break Tool
Shaftkeeper II

Shaftkeeper II®

Extend the Life of Your Conveyor Systems.Our Brandonite® material is so strong, we’ve built special after-market tools to hold your conveyors in place, even after experiencing normal fretting or wear associated with typical metal-conveyor, side-frame erosion. Shaftkeeper II® is our easy-to-install, patented part which will extend the life of your conveyor system, giving you even more years of trouble-free use.

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Shoe Sorter Gate Linkage

A major material handling OEM wanted to improve the durability of its shoe sorter product. A key component, the existing actuating gate linkage, was made from machined aluminum, which is very expensive. The constant contact motion and inertia of the part shortened its life-span too much to be made from expensive aluminum. Globe developed a self-lubricating, elastomeric material able to withstand the repetitive shock the gate linkage experiences. Additionally, the part was cast as one, complete part with minimal secondary machining, saving the OEM time and money on part production.

Material Handling - Shoe Sorter
Material Handling - Composite Drive Chain

Self-Lubricating Composite Drive Chains

No Stretch, No Wear, No Noise. No Problem. Globe has designed and patented a lightweight composite chain that can handle a wide  variety of loads. The chain has an integral link with a pivot bearing to evenly distribute weight and handle  peak loads up to 10,000 lbs. The chain’s special material gives it incredible durability and is resistant to wear and stretch. Now, you have a maintenance-free chain without requiring periodic driveline tensioning or ongoing lubrication

Composite Load Panels

Our Composite Load Panels (CLP) act as a platform that can be raised to varying heights, allowing trailers to be fully-packed with goods to the very ceiling of the trailer. This scaffold system of step-like panels that can be installed directly in the trailer of PuP trucks, simplifying the otherwise difficult or impossible task of loading a truck to the very top. Our CLPs won't wear, warp, or rust -- nor will their friction wear down other parts, as metal will do. Rather than mere plastic, our panels won't become brittle, snap, crack, bend, or melt, while being able to withstand more weight and recurring pressure.

Material Handling - Composite Load Panel

RFID Conveyor Systems

Globe’s patented, non-metallic, slider-bed conveyor system is made specifically for material handling applications to employ RFID (radio-frequency identification) and tracking systems. The patented conveyor system eliminates electromagnetic interference by using Brandonite® high-performance composite polymers. These compounds are molded through a proprietary process to give it unusual strength and durability characteristics in even the most demanding material handling applications.

Brandonite® is certified for use in RFID systems because of its superior performance for attenuation and reflectivity, allowing RFID antennae to accurately read and discriminate RFID chips, even on high speed conveyor systems. Since our composite materials are virtually transparent to UHF, 5 GHz, 125 KHz and 13.5 MHz frequencies, clients can use lower power settings, increasing read-rate accuracy and greatly reducing backscatter and overlapping signals. Now, you can use multiple RFID systems within close proximity without the worry of misreads and double-counts.

High Speed Actuators  

Our materials are ideally suited for repetitive activation cycle controls such as those used for conveyor actuators. These parts can generally cast as one piece, thereby allowing the customer to potentially consolidate parts into one single piece and eliminate the need for secondary machining operations.

Conveyance Components

Extend the life of your conveyor side frame with our special after-market tools designed to hold conveyor assemblies in place after wear & tear associated with metallic parts. Our patented part is durable and can be easily installed to prolong to the life of your conveyor systems.

Other Material Handling Applications


  • Raytheon | Southwest | American Airlines | GE | DELTA
  • NAVSEA | US NAVY | LOCKHEED MARTIN | Huntington Ingalls Newport News Shipbuilding | Sandia National Laboratories