Delineator Posts for Traffic Control & HOV Lanes


Expertly guide traffic flow, reduce congestion, & create a safer environment for drivers

Whether you work for the Department of Transportation or own a large parking infrastructure, you’re ultimately looking for a durable and dependable solution to channel traffic. Throughout your pursuit for a solution, you’ve likely encountered everything from expensive messaging signs down to low-cost delineator posts that promise (but often fail) to stand up over time.

The team at Globe Composite has developed a custom designed 80A durometer urethane traffic delineator post, strategically enhanced to provide greater strength and durability. Currently available in three standard sizes, our delineators can be manufactured in a variety of colors to suit your application needs.

Features of this economical, durable solution include: 

  • Tensile Strength: 4300 PSI
  • Elongation: 380%
  • Tear Strength: Die C, PLI (KN/M): 700
  • Bashore Rebound: 40%
  • Bell Brittle Point: -80 F; 63 C
  • Reflective Band Width: 4” – 6”
  • Min. Candle Power: White 250 candles, yellow 170 (candles/ft.)
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Discover how our Traffic Delineators can help you control traffic flow & reduce congestion: 

Easy Guidance & Control of Traffic  

Composite traffic delineators help guide pedestrians and motorists around construction areas or even accidents. These markers are particularly beneficial in locations where the alignment might be confusing or unexpected, such as at lane reduction transitions and curves.

Clear Visibility In All Conditions  

These unique traffic delineators are effectively visible at night and during inclimate weather conditions. A key safety advantage of these delineators is that they remain visible, even when the roadway is wet or snow covered, because of their reflective material.

Better Solution for HOV Lanes  

When you’re dealing with hydraulically or mechanically manipulated HOV systems, there will always be a need for maintenance and repair. These unique traffic delineators are designed as a low cost, low maintenance solution to keep HOV lanes separate from other travel lanes.

Durable Urethane Material  

Made from a specially formulated urethane material, composite traffic delineators are extremely durable, have a tensile strength of 4300 PSI, and provide outstanding fatigue strength. This means your markers can be hit repeatedly, but won’t crack or break in the process.

Cost-Effective Solution  

Composite traffic delineators can easily accommodate end user requirements, while still remaining the cost-effective solution to strict DOT budgets. Additionally, these traffic control solutions offer an alternative to larger signs and systems without any long term maintenance costs.

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