Durable, Corrosion Resistant Marine Parts


Globe can design and produce a wide variety of marine parts from stem to stern. We can custom blend materials to exactly meet your product’s specific requirements so you can rest assured that your part will perform as expected- each and every time. 

Self-Lubricating Run-Dry® Pump Impellers

Experience optimum performance and run-dry protection with the only impeller in the world guaranteed to run-dry for up to 15 minutes. Made of a special high-strength self-lubricating elastomers, Globe impellers have superior resistance to sand and dirt while outperforming rubber, nitrile, and neoprene. Globe impellers are ideal for cooling, fluid transfer and maceration applications.

Globe makes 83 different Run-Dry® impellers for pumps made by the large pump manufacturers in the world.  Visit the Globe Marine website (www.gcsmarine.com) to find the right impeller for your application. 

Drivesaver® Vibration-Dampening Flexible Couplings

Reduce drivetrain vibration between your transmission and propeller shaft with our flexible, non-metallic, vibration-reducing couplings. Our easy -to -install Drivesaver will absorb thrust and torque from the propeller shaft, prevent electrolysis, and performs as a circuit breaker so you’re back in operation with minimum cost and downtime.

There are 60 models of DRIVESAVER® models available for the largest marine engine transmission manufacturers in the world. Visit the Globe Marine website (www.gcsmarine.com) to find the right impeller for your application. 

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