Need something as strong as a U.S. submarine missile hatch gasket ?

flexible-high-strengh-material-dogbone-sample.jpgOur flexible, high strength & highly elastic material is.
Request a sample today to find out for yourself! 

Our flexible, high strength & highly elastic material was originally developed to withstand critical conditions on U.S. Navy submarines. This liquid castable polymer has a tensile strength 158% greater, boasts superior elongation properties and has a significantly lower specific gravity than Buna-N rubber.

Brandonite® 1200-60A is designed to excel in a wide range of agricultural, marine and submersible applications including custom-molded shapes, vibration & shock mounts and more! 

Take a look at the video below to see our flexible, high strength,
& high elasticity material in action during a tensile strength test. 

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