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Globe Composite Solutions' research and development team recently spoke with Composites Weekly magazine about our patented, lead-free, RoHS compliant, radiation shielding, HGC (high-gravity composite) materials.  Read on to learn how this fully cast-able, cost- efficient, and eco-friendly material is transforming a wide variety of industries.

What Are HGCs?

HGCs are high-gravity composites, also known as high-gravity compounds. They are called 'high-gravity' because of their high density, ranging from 2 g/cm³ to 11 g/cm³ -- almost as dense as aluminum or lead.  Lead, for example, has a density of 11 g/cm³, while aluminum has a density of 2.7 g/cm³.  Often called "lead-replacement" materials, Globe's Brandonite® HGC is an ideal replacement for a wide variety of lead-based applications.

What Are HGCs Used For?

HGCs are typically used for radiation shielding applications, ranging from:


RoHS Compliant Philips_Radiation_Shield.jpg

 Shielding covers for C/T scanner tubes

RoHS Compliant HGC_Anode.jpg

Anode and cathode ray tube shields

RoHS Compliant radioIsotopeCarriers_200x152.jpg

Radioisotope carriers to safely transport nuclear medicine

RoHS Compliant collimator-cover.jpg

Collimator covers used for X-ray and C/T machines

RoHS Compliant edsRadShieldingCurtains.jpg

Radiation shielding curtains - flexible enough for x-ray and explosive detection scanning devices found at airports, federal office buildings, and other secure facilities


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