Globe Composite Solutions: New Mobile Website is Live!

By Globe Composite

globe composite solutionsGlobe Composite Solutions, Ltd. has a newly optimized website, allowing even more access to information for mobile device users.

Now, you can visit from almost any smartphone or tablet to get the most important information normally found on your desktop. No need to add an "m." or download a special app to your device.

What's New?

  • globe composite solutionsThe mobile site has been optimized to fit screen resolutions for the most popular mobile browsers.
  • The main menu has been redesigned for easy mobile screen navigation.
  • Sidebars have been minimized for optimal content space.

What Can I Do with the Mobile Website?

On the mobile website you can do almost any task found on the desktop. You can view:

  • globe composite solutionsIndustry-by-industry product information
  • Case studies
  • Brandonite® material information
  • Marine product information

You can check out our eLibrary of brochures and specs, and if your device supports PDFs, read them on the go.

Want to know the latest news in composites? Read our blog or recent news, right from your mobile device. 


We Know Your Life is Busy…

mobile_aboutus_thumb.jpgYou can't be tied to a desk, so all of our forms have been redesigned and tested for mobile use. You can even contact us, start a forum thread, or join our website on your mobile device.

Interested in getting Globe's help on your next project? We make it easy; submit a project right from your smartphone or tablet.

What's Next?

Look for new pages and an expanded video library. Our web presence is growing every day, so look for us on all of the social networks, too.

The folks at Globe are working hard, making it easier for you to access Globe anywhere and anytime. We welcome your feedback; please, feel free to contact us with your input.

Globe Composite

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Globe Composite Solutions is a full-service, ISO 9001:2015 certified, Design-to-Manufacturing company. Globe provides design, material and process expertise to create composite-based solutions for their Defense, Submersible, Marine, Material Handling, and Industrial customers, allowing them to more effectively accomplish their mission.

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