Airport Maintenance

airport maintenance

From baggage handling to ground service equipment, Globe Composite produces a wide variety of replacement components specifically designed for airport maintenance use. We can create and produce replacement parts that are hard to find, no longer supported, or discontinued from your manufacturer. We are the trusted name in composite-based airport products, because our materials are formulated to withstand the evolving demands of an airport’s operating environment.

Airport Product Gallery:

Airport Applications Include:

Baggage Carousel Flat Plates  

airport maintenance Baggage-Carousel-Flat-Plates Our composite flat plates and rollers are available to fit any baggage carousel system in operation currently. Reduce your energy costs by 60%, decrease wear & tear, improve aesthetics, and control the noise levels of your baggage carousels.

PCA Gaskets  

airport maintenance PCA-Gaskets.jpgOur specially formulated gaskets, based on our military technology products, last three times longer than traditional foam or urethane gaskets.

Portable Water Line Protectors  

airport maintenance Waterball-Potable-Water-Line-Protector.jpgOur FDA-Compliant 6" diameter water line protectors, made with durable, abrasion-resistant Brandonite®, are infused with high-visibility safety orange providing years of use on the tarmac- where performance counts.

Baggage Conveyor Bump-Out Wedges  

airport maintenance Baggage-Conveyor-Bump-Out-Wedges.jpgOur abrasion-resistant, long lasting Baggage Conveyor Bump-Out Wedges are used to center and adjust bags as they're transported through the system to reduce jams and misfeeds.

Durable Traffic Markers  

airport maintenance Durable-Traffic-Markers.jpgOur ultra-durable traffic markers, made from Brandonite®, are designed to withstand the daily rigors of airport traffic. In fact, they're used everyday in the tunnel systems of New York City.

Non-Slip Jetbridge Flooring  

airport maintenance Non-skid-Flooring-Tiles.jpgOur long-lasting Non-Skid Jetbridge Flooring panels and stair treads are available for use in jetways and other high-traffic areas where passenger safety is critical.


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